Comedy | Slapstick

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2235

Zoo Stories

Beautifully instrumented tracks for all nature and animal related formats: documentaries (wildlife, zoo and safari), children's films and travel magazines. Also works for comedy and kids TV.

UBM 2235
Artwork ARTFCD65

Happy Harry

10 Positive and upbeat tracks with edits

Artwork UBM 2194

Children, Comedy & Zoo

Beautifully instrumented tunes with a vintage feel.

UBM 2194
Artwork ALIBI004-1

Comedy Grooves 1

Playful cool quirky grooving grooves for a light comedic comedy feel

Artwork UBM 2102


Cheerful easy listening tunes featuring the Botho Lucas Voices

UBM 2102
Artwork ALIBI060-1


Easy Listening happy retro kitsch quirky playful

Artwork ALIBI146

Quirky 2

Playful cheerful comedic kid friendly happyness offbeat quirky fun comedy

Artwork ALIBI205

Pizzicato Dramedy

Curious Mysterious Pizzicato String Based Sneaky Dramedy

Artwork PSM 0004

Noble Electro Kitsch 1

With tracks ranging from quirky retro sounds to serious electronic beats, this album is perfect for images of party, youth, sports and fun.

PSM 0004
Artwork ALIBI005-1

Comedy Grooves 2

Playful cool quirky grooving grooves for a light comedic comedy feel

Artwork ALIBI097-1

Fun Rock 4

Upbeat fun happy rock

Artwork PSM 0034

Happy Moods - Daytime Tv & Commercial

Fun and wacky tracks for children, cartoons, slapstick, sitcoms and daytime programs in a happy mood.

PSM 0034
Artwork ALIBI326


Circus Music playful quirky mysterious classic

Artwork UBM 2264

Funny Stories

These elated and positive tracks are ideal for children's programmes and happy subjects in general.

UBM 2264
Artwork UBM 2254

Easy Pop

Energetic pop music for family commercials and cheerful family tv.

UBM 2254
Artwork UBM 2242

Better Be Cool

Jazzy big band sounds with class and and a lot of funk. Retro 1960s and 70s vibe, yet modern production for a variety of uses in film, advertisement, TV shows and entertainment.

UBM 2242
Artwork ACL002

Comedy Craft

Quirky, cartoon-inspired tracks with fun, light-hearted melodies

Artwork PSM 0014

Comedy Cologne Party

Contemporary German Schlager music for the annual Cologne carnival madness. With vocals.

PSM 0014