Children | Family

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2268

Northern Light

Emotional strings mingled with warm and bright vibraphone create a mood of happy anticipation.

UBM 2268
Artwork UBM 2235

Zoo Stories

Beautifully instrumented tracks for all nature and animal related formats: documentaries (wildlife, zoo and safari), children's films and travel magazines. Also works for comedy and kids TV.

UBM 2235
Artwork ARTFCD65

Happy Harry

10 Positive and upbeat tracks with edits

Artwork ALIBI352

Magical Fantasy 2

Warm magical fantasy playful whimsical sweet orchestral strings brass percussion chimes bells orchestra welcoming romantic romance circus

Artwork UBM 2270

Take Me Away

Beautifully instrumented, diversive tracks for documentaries, drama and family programme.

UBM 2270
Artwork ACL207

Family Fun

Fun filled for a family friendly spot. This is right for baby's first steps, a day at the park with mommy or family game night.

Artwork UBM 2263


Sophisticated electronic sounds combined with high-quality folk rhythms create the typical folktronica sound.

UBM 2263
Artwork UBM 2124

Crazy Kids II

Cheeky kidz beats and young urban pop styles

UBM 2124
Artwork ALIBI200


Warm child lullabies lullaby peaceful innocent

Artwork PSM 0006

Dancemusic For Teens 1

Contemporary dance music with influences from house, trance and techno.

PSM 0006
Artwork ALIBI146

Quirky 2

Playful cheerful comedic kid friendly happyness offbeat quirky fun comedy

Artwork PSM 0016

Ukulele Vol.1

Happy, family-friendly music featuring ukulele, orchestra and organ. Beautifully arranged, these tracks are perfect for children's TV and commercials.

PSM 0016
Artwork ALIBI055


Cute and friendly warm and playful

Artwork UBM 2194

Children, Comedy & Zoo

Beautifully instrumented tunes with a vintage feel.

UBM 2194
Artwork PSM 0010

Once Upon A Time Vol. 1

Sweet nostalgia: various reflective yet unsentimental tracks that express a positive look back.

PSM 0010
Artwork ALIBI277

Light Acoustic

Warm soft minimal acoustic guitar music

Artwork PSM 0034

Happy Moods - Daytime Tv & Commercial

Fun and wacky tracks for children, cartoons, slapstick, sitcoms and daytime programs in a happy mood.

PSM 0034
Artwork ALIBI388

Electronic - Happy Electro Pop

Happy Cheerful upbeat friendly electronica electronic electro pop celebratory joyous

Artwork UBM 2231

Tiny String Ensemble

Warm, welcoming pizzicato strings for dramedy, commercials, children and comedy.

UBM 2231
Artwork UBM 2254

Easy Pop

Energetic pop music for family commercials and cheerful family tv.

UBM 2254
Artwork UBM 2264

Funny Stories

These elated and positive tracks are ideal for children's programmes and happy subjects in general.

UBM 2264
Artwork UBM 2276


An acoustic journey of discovery into the marvels of nature and wild animals, this album comes packed full of energy and surprises. Acoustic sound, accentuated with piano, guitar and marimba.

UBM 2276
Artwork UBM 2250

Dolce Italia

Airy, bright and mediterranean soundtrack. Creates a feeling of joy and pleasure and it is ideal for cooking programs and warm images in family programs.

UBM 2250
Artwork PSM 0041

Bedtime Stories - Nice And Minimal

Calm delicate gentle songs for the magic of the night. Loving , sophisticated and minimalist tracks for a nice sleep. Goodnight baby.

PSM 0041
Artwork UBM 2201

Little Kids

Fun tunes for children, leisure and magical stories.

UBM 2201
Artwork ALIBI326


Circus Music playful quirky mysterious classic