Mystery | Tension

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2271

Lost Places

Dark an eerie sounds create images of abandoned sites and creepy places.

UBM 2271
Artwork UBM 2277


Is anyone out there? This smart electronic album sounds futuristic and is suitable for thrilling moments and images of space, science fiction, new technology and research.

UBM 2277
Artwork UBM 2274

Time & Pulse

An album suitable at the time of tension, crises and technical progress. Electronic sound, accentuated with piano, guitar and some oriental reminiscences.

UBM 2274
Artwork UBM 2260

Agony And Drama

A great variety of high quality melancholic, dramatic and threatening orchestral tracks that touch the emotions of the audience.

UBM 2260
Artwork ALIBI361

Docudrama 1

Mysterious investigation discovery docudrama dramatic drama intriguing

Artwork ALIBI340

Drama - Tension Beds 1

Mysterious Tension Bed score haunting intriguing

Artwork ALIBI305

Drama -Tension 3

Tense Tension action adventure mysterious intriguing dynamic drama

Artwork UBM 2240

Criminal Ambitions

Influenced by contemporary crime series, these sophisticated tracks are a perfect match for productions that deal with the human psyche, crime and investigation, felonies and justice.

UBM 2240
Artwork UBM 2237


Serious underscores for images of shady business, serious politics, power and secret activities. Cinematic instrumentation meets modern electronic elements.

UBM 2237
Artwork UBM 2190

Dark Tension II

additional collection of powerful, dark orchestrated underscores from eerie to dramatic

UBM 2190
Artwork ARTFCD50

Dark Town

25 Tense Urban Soundscapes for Drama, Documentary, Bed, Film, Horror, Factual, Mystery, Suspense, Tension

Artwork UBM 2199

Mystigation 1

dark, investigative, emotional & narrative underscores

UBM 2199
Artwork ALIBI132

Dramamysterious 3

Mysterious dramatic drama underscore tense supsensful tension suspense beds

Artwork PSM 0002

Doomsday Suspense 1

High tension: mysterious and dark tracks with cinematic sound that leave little hope.

PSM 0002
Artwork ARTFCD63

Noir 2

10 dark and atmospheric tracks with edits

Artwork UBM 2221

Electromotions - Dark

Dramatic tension & enforcing underscores for coverage & reality TV – decent mixture of modern electronics & subtle orchestra

UBM 2221
Artwork UBM 2133

Mystery & Drama

Investigative, criminal, psychological

UBM 2133
Artwork UBM 2111


Danger - fear - psycho - drones

UBM 2111
Artwork UBM 2222


Gloomy underscores for images of desperation, environmental pollution, industrial hazards and deserted areas. Dark, yet rich in variety, these tracks are great for sci-fi, science and nature programs.

UBM 2222
Artwork ARTFCD62

Drone Zone Volume 5

Soundscapes for drama, documentary and film, each with a midway hitpoint

Artwork UBM 2229


High-energy tracks for white-knuckle situations. Perfect for action, crime, drama and tension, these tracks combine a tense atmosphere with big cinematic sound.

UBM 2229
Artwork ARTFCD27

Unplugged Atmospherics

Atmospheric, cool, deep and reflective acoustic album. A wide variety of musical styles in acoustic arrangements. Features piano, guitar, strings, flute, harmonica and percussion

Artwork UBM 2262

Pain And Sorrow

Emotional and dramatic sounds that are ideal for sad scenes and tragedy. This extraordinary album has been recorded with the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague.

UBM 2262
Artwork ALIBI404b

Drama - Survival Drama 1

Mysterious Tribal Dramatic drama underscore tribal jungle beds

Artwork ALIBI383

FX - Horror Sweeps

Scary Trailer FX horror mysterious haunting intriguing ghostly scary thriller sweeping ghost moan

Artwork ALIBI282

Horror - Creepy Kids

Mysterious Horror Creepy children lullaby music box Dark Scary haunting

Artwork CINMA1

Cinemusic: Crime Stoppers

Bring out the secret agent in you with these suspenseful, melancholy and comedic spy themes

Artwork PSM 0031

Criminologist - Mysterious Suspense

From subtle to horrifying: these suspense-packed tracks will work for images of fear and investigation. Recommended for film, documentary and trailers.

PSM 0031
Artwork ARTFCD80

The Horrors 2

Sinister, suspenseful tracks with multiple edits