Science | Research

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2274

Time & Pulse

An album suitable at the time of tension, crises and technical progress. Electronic sound, accentuated with piano, guitar and some oriental reminiscences.

UBM 2274
Artwork UBM 2241

Investigative 2

This continuation of the popular 'Investigative' album contains 25 new tracks for suspense, research, modern investigation and secret activities.

UBM 2241
Artwork UBM 2232

Electromotions – Data Transfer

subtle electronic spheres and pulses for the modern digital world – prosperous digital business, data abuse, cyber crime, human web stories, and digital tension for game shows and reality tv

UBM 2232
Artwork UBM 2173

Science, Healthcare and Technology

energetic, powerful & modern electronic music with a lot of human warmth & temper - connecting humanity with technical achievement

UBM 2173
Artwork ALIBI139

Minimal Beds

Background minimal bed scientific playful dramedy pharmaceutical warm

Artwork PSM 0013

Science Area Vol. 1

Subtle electronic tracks for science, research, health and exploration. Modern and serious.

PSM 0013
Artwork UBM 2180

Nuclear Danger

subtle drones & music beds expressing invisible danger

UBM 2180
Artwork UBM 2184

New Energy

subtle grooves & spheres quietly expressing the peace & power of renewable energies

UBM 2184
Artwork UBM 2176


investigative underscores, dangerous situations; hi tech flavour

UBM 2176
Artwork UBM 2219

Minimal Impressions

Decent and very subtle yet significant spheres; tension and authentic emotion for coverage, documentaries. Many tracks delivered with a reduced mix.

UBM 2219
Artwork UBM 2223

Electromotions - Chemical

Modern spheres and grooves for coverage and documentaries about medicine, health and chemistry; investigative, energetic, scientific, cool & colorful.

UBM 2223
Artwork UBM 2140

Pulsating Spheres

Myst & ethnic, noisy & artificial, molecular & groovy, melodic & layered spheres

UBM 2140
Artwork UBM 2216

Electronic Space and Grooves

Ambient electronic soundscapes and subtle beats. Perfect for nature and technology programs.

UBM 2216
Artwork ALIBI225


Mysterious Cool Chill Electronica Ambient

Artwork PSM 0017

Space Cosmos Vol. 1

Ideal for images of science, research, documentation, industry and outer space/ deep sea.

PSM 0017
Artwork UBM 2170

Mind Games

soulful, human & warm underscores with marimba as lead instrument

UBM 2170
Artwork UBM 2125


Avantgarde electro beds for the world of microscopes & laboratories

UBM 2125
Artwork UBM 2259


Futuristic tracks for images of science fiction, microbiology, the digital world and robots.

UBM 2259
Artwork ALIBI230


Soft heavenly mysterious warm drones atmospheres

Artwork UBM 2207

Minimalism Blue

One of two albums filled with sophisticated minimal music. Beautiful electronics and subtle beats create neutral atmospheres that fit many purposes and programs. News, science documentaries and investigation are just a few of them.

UBM 2207
Artwork ALIBI351

Electronic - Hipster Electronic Dirty

Hipster Electronica electronic electronic modern synth drums bass cool experimental pop

Artwork ACL176


A set of creative and futuristic melodies depicting the tough world of global finance.

Artwork ACL177

Scientific Marimba

Fun, exciting, technology infused songs with a bright, shiny quality. Great for science, technology, news, or education media.

Artwork ACL055

Inspiration And Achievement

Pick yourself up and get ready to succeed with these uplifting corporate backgrounds

Artwork ALIBI056-1


Warm commercial prescription medication music