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Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2273

Dos Beymeleh - Jewish Piano Pieces

Traditional Jewish, melancholic melodies played on piano.

UBM 2273
Artwork UBM 2250

Dolce Italia

Airy, bright and mediterranean soundtrack. Creates a feeling of joy and pleasure and it is ideal for cooking programs and warm images in family programs.

UBM 2250
Artwork UBM 2246

North America - Travel And Nature

Beautiful, ambient guitar tracks for images of untouched nature and quiet country life. Carefully instrumented for a warm, authentic sound that is influenced by country and blues as well as minimal music and contemporary filmscores.

UBM 2246
Artwork UBM 2247

Middle East - Between Tradition & Crisis

Lingering between traditional Middle Eastern music and contemporary film scores, this album impresses with its authentic instrumentation, skillful composition and subtle moods. It is the ideal soundtrack to the current climate of mass migration, political power shifts and religious questions.

UBM 2247
Artwork ACL187

Africa Today

An explosion of African flavor. This album is full of tribal rhythms and ambient African vocals, all with modern inspiration.

Artwork PSM 0028

Slide Guitar - Acoustic Rock & Blues

Authentic blues guitars, southern rock and country-infused Americana. Warm, raw and down to earth.

PSM 0028
Artwork UBM 2187


dramatic, epic & soulful underscores full of arabian spirits

UBM 2187
Artwork PSM 0012

World Music Spain 1

Authentic Spanish folk music. Wonderfully arranged and instrumented, these tracks are perfect for both film and TV, expressing passion and wanderlust.

PSM 0012
Artwork UBM 2188


passionate & spirited acoustic music expressing feelings of traditional greece

UBM 2188
Artwork UBM 2242

Better Be Cool

Jazzy big band sounds with class and and a lot of funk. Retro 1960s and 70s vibe, yet modern production for a variety of uses in film, advertisement, TV shows and entertainment.

UBM 2242
Artwork UBM 2214

Modern Brazil

Traditional instruments and latin beats meet modern club music. An explosive mix that's perfect for sports and youth programs.

UBM 2214
Artwork UBM 2156

Ethno World

proud, emotional & utterly intoxicating rhythms and anthems in multiethnic instrumentations

UBM 2156
Artwork UBM 2202

The Accordionist

vivid, colorful & sweeping acoustic music conveying facets of France; great variety of uses from romance to comedy.

UBM 2202
Artwork UBM 2117

Der Neandertaler

Music from the movie "Der Neandertaler" ("The Neanderthal Man") - orchestral moods & suspenseful drones for prehistorical life & ancient cultures, big pictures & documentaries

UBM 2117
Artwork PSM 0037

Hip Hop - Nyc East Coast Style

An album with pure East Coast Hip Hop directly from New York.

PSM 0037
Artwork UBM 2166

Caribbean Sunrise

positive, optimistic, funny and relaxing acoustic tracks conveying sunshine feeling - authentic caribean instrumentation

UBM 2166
Artwork UBM 2255

Africa Between Hope And Despair

The perfect sound for African lifestyles as well as daily challenges in Africa and attempted escapes. Sad and melancholic but dynamic and exciting, too.

UBM 2255
Artwork UBM 2235

Zoo Stories

Beautifully instrumented tracks for all nature and animal related formats: documentaries (wildlife, zoo and safari), children's films and travel magazines. Also works for comedy and kids TV.

UBM 2235
Artwork ACL166


Traditional polka rhythms meet Spanish guitar to create sounds for a dance or party atmosphere.

Artwork PSM 0030

Urban Night Lights - Relaxed City Beats

Contemporary electronic music of various kinds: from airy, chilled-out grooves to rough trap and club sounds.

PSM 0030
Artwork UBM 2100

Voices of Jerusalem

Eastern church music

UBM 2100
Artwork PSM 0038

Crisis - One

Oriental instruments for the Arabian nights. Melancholic and deep in thoughts. Ambient, a bit mystic and dynamic.

PSM 0038
Artwork PSM 0036

Double Feature / Vintage - Cool - Strange

Vintage guitars create the perfect sound for saloon images and a road trip across the wide plains of the Wild West.

PSM 0036