UBM Media

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2280

All About Bass

A beautiful hommage to all kind of bass, this electric album full of warmth and playfulness is a versatile tool for every production.

UBM 2280
Artwork UBM 2279


Made for epic sceneries and breathtaking views, this album full of soaring electronic sounds will make the perfect match for all aerial shots such as from drones or helicopters.

UBM 2279
Artwork UBM 2278


This album packed full of tension is ideal when it comes to images of shady deals, conspiracies, manipulation and investigative journalism.

UBM 2278
Artwork UBM 2277


Is anyone out there? This smart electronic album sounds futuristic and is suitable for thrilling moments and images of space, science fiction, new technology and research.

UBM 2277
Artwork UBM 2276


An acoustic journey of discovery into the marvels of nature and wild animals, this album comes packed full of energy and surprises. Acoustic sound, accentuated with piano, guitar and marimba.

UBM 2276
Artwork UBM 2275

Longing Duo - Cello And Piano

Cello and piano joining to film music ideal for pictures of longing, romance, and love.

UBM 2275
Artwork UBM 2274

Time & Pulse

An album suitable at the time of tension, crises and technical progress. Electronic sound, accentuated with piano, guitar and some oriental reminiscences.

UBM 2274
Artwork UBM 2273

Dos Beymeleh - Jewish Piano Pieces

Traditional Jewish, melancholic melodies played on piano.

UBM 2273
Artwork UBM 2272

Minimal City

Fast and slow rhythms, mostly sustained by piano sounds, suitable for images of living, working, and celebrating in anonymous big cities.

UBM 2272
Artwork UBM 2271

Lost Places

Dark an eerie sounds create images of abandoned sites and creepy places.

UBM 2271
Artwork UBM 2270

Take Me Away

Beautifully instrumented, diversive tracks for documentaries, drama and family programme.

UBM 2270
Artwork UBM 2269

True Rock

This dark and melancholic album offers an alliance of rough rock and pop-rock.

UBM 2269
Artwork UBM 2268

Northern Light

Emotional strings mingled with warm and bright vibraphone create a mood of happy anticipation.

UBM 2268
Artwork UBM 2267


Airy, bright and neutral synth pop. Perfect for restaurants, daily news & weather.

UBM 2267
Artwork UBM 2266

World Conflicts

Eerie, dark and daunting tracks for footage about acts of war and conflicts.

UBM 2266
Artwork UBM 2265

Real Stories

Elated, minimalistic and diversive tracks for feel-good and easy-going images.

UBM 2265
Artwork UBM 2264

Funny Stories

These elated and positive tracks are ideal for children's programmes and happy subjects in general.

UBM 2264
Artwork UBM 2263


Sophisticated electronic sounds combined with high-quality folk rhythms create the typical folktronica sound.

UBM 2263
Artwork UBM 2262

Pain And Sorrow

Emotional and dramatic sounds that are ideal for sad scenes and tragedy. This extraordinary album has been recorded with the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague.

UBM 2262
Artwork UBM 2261

The Hustler

Funky, retro and jazzy tunes that work perfectly for movies about casinos, gangsters and trickeries.

UBM 2261