Tracks (7)

  1. Silly Me

    Comedy with French Horn melody a bit cartoonish

    Composed by David A Feldstein

  2. Now You See It...

    Vaudeville New Orleans-style clarinet comedy

    Composed by John C Kiehl

  3. Around And Around

    Comedy with woodwind melody à la Sorcerers Apprentice

    Composed by Jeffrey Thomas Conrad

  4. Easy Come...Easy Go

    Tuba bass line with Dixieland trombone Vaudeville comedy

    Composed by Greg Wardson

  5. Wishbone

    Happy harmonica melody cool trumpet solo clarinet solo.

    Composed by John C Kiehl

  6. Inch By Inch

    Sad clown-sounding shuffle with brushes

    Composed by John C Kiehl

  7. Just Left Of Center

    Zany whistle and rattle sound effects

    Composed by David Michael Grimes

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