Tracks (6)

  1. Bedouin Nights

    Middle East Ethnic Ensemble percussive unhurried westernized drama

    Composed by Greg Wardson

  2. Road To Aqaba

    Gentle Middle Eastern ensemble percussive floating a little New Age

    Composed by William Allan Bookheim

  3. All The Kings Men

    Threatening Middle-Eastern ensemble foreboding serious but westernized drama

    Composed by Valentine A Misuraca, Crit Andrew Harmon

  4. Sands Of Time

    Middle Eastern ensemble westernized drama

    Composed by David Michael Grimes

  5. Mirage

    Threatening Middle Eastern ensemble

    Composed by Kinny Landrum

  6. Harem Dance

    Middle Eastern Ensemble harem dance festive belly dance

    Composed by William Allan Bookheim