Tracks (10)

  1. Digital Frontier

    Piano and orchestra meet digital soundscapes and energetic drums. Starting with a mellow and rather dark mood, this song climaxes with a full orchestra arrangement. It is the ideal companion for any emotional scene, especially one with a technological or futiristic vibe.

    Composed by Marc Schlaile

  2. Going With Me

    A modern, fresh, uplifting track featuring tech electronic instruments backed by a classical orchestra. Starts with dominating electronic instruments and subtle deep drones, and evolves to an epic, optimistic, uptempo piece.

    Composed by Stoyan Ganchev Ganev

  3. Searching

    A dark, epic soundscape. Starts with a faint bass wobble, and morphs into a dramatic orchestral sound, accompanied by hand claps and reflective piano.

    Composed by Stoyan Ganchev Ganev

  4. Into The Future

    Waves of ambient synths make way for technical and precise melodies and percussion. A poignant piano breakdown leads into a driving and urgent finale.

    Composed by Devin Cole Glass

  5. Infinity

    Synth arpeggios and distorted claps drive this industrial romp into a serious, cyclical mood. Panned synth hits bring a whirring, cinematic feeling to the table.

    Composed by Stoyan Ganchev Ganev

  6. Dark Tide

    This electronic, orchestral piece is the ideal companion for any scene involving technology and emotion.

    Composed by Marc Schlaile

  7. Vision

    The melody of the composition keeps its slow but unstoppable pace as the rest of the track builds up to an epic ending with polyrhythm and heavier orchestration.

    Composed by Charles Philippe Jean Humenry

  8. Evolution

    The composition combines elements of Bach’s Cello Suites, Hans Zimmer’s epic orchestrations and synthetic sounds to represent a majestic technological evolution.

    Composed by Charles Philippe Jean Humenry

  9. Technomanity

    blends elements of electronica and orchestral instruments to evoke the power that technology has to transform the human experience.

    Composed by Robert James Jaret

  10. Mastery

    Staccato strings open this technical and precise yet warm piece. Waves of bright synths reinforce a feel good chord progression before swelling into an ending section of piano and driving percussion.

    Composed by Devin Cole Glass