Tracks (10)

  1. Chill Pill

    A classy and cool modern electronic track with awesome synth and a hip beat. It’s sophisticated and fresh. A great asset for fashion events.

    Composed by Enrique J Molano

  2. Firebird

    A modern, electronic, trance like beat with jazz influences. The Fender Rhodes starts the groove, upright bass and drum breaks give this track breathing room before the lead synth line kicks in.

    Composed by Dow S Brain

  3. Pacific Coast Highway

    This modern dreamscape is a composite of alternative synth pop and guitars on a solid foundation of pulsing electronic beats. Think M83, Cliff Martinez or Depeche Mode.

    Composed by Marc Schlaile

  4. Oxygen

    Technical and clean yet warm sounding synths move along rhythmically as a light and simple guitar melody floats over top of an interesting and confident drum beat.

    Composed by Devin Cole Glass

  5. Coast To Coast

    An uplifting and bouncy track featuring synths and electronic drums perfect for summer drives or corporate parties.

    Composed by Colton Hunter Wolff

  6. Sunny Beach

    Up Tempo Modern Inspirational Classy track with drum 'n' bass and vocals.Appropriate for fashion shows,catwalk, you might hear this track at an upscale party.

    Composed by Stoyan Ganchev Ganev

  7. Stratosphere

    Techno lilt with a pulsing intro graduating into a modern beat with drums, bass and electric guitar rhythms and full uplifting melody, moving into a soft section with jazz guitar and gentle movement back to the original groove.

    Composed by Henry Francis King

  8. Waterfall

    A modern chill out electronic track with organic elements. An acoustic piano sample played in reverse starts the groove and the other elements join in until the full beat drops. Breaks are scattered throughout the track giving some space to the listener.

    Composed by Dow S Brain

  9. Auroa Borealis

    Spacey pad merging into bell like arpeggios. A tech beat then supports a hopeful simple melody. An interlude of delicate arpeggios accompanied by a contrasting low register melody, breaks up the beat leading to a triumphant repeat of the melody over a throbbing beat.

    Composed by Charles Andrew Mcloughlin

  10. Nocturnalist

    Dark and mysterious, this track delivers cool vibes and a powerful beat.

    Composed by Michael Leo McMahon