Tracks (6)

  1. Dark Forest

    Dark, frantic Trance that gets your heart racing.

    Composed by Dennis P. Coronel

  2. Steamy Vents

    Bright, energetic Trance that gives a sense of positive action/adventure.

    Composed by Dennis P. Coronel

  3. Mind In Motion

    Uplifting Trance track which spreads energy and euphoria.

    Composed by Queens Road

  4. Summer Love

    Summerish Trance track with a positive and encouraging feel-good melody.

    Composed by Queens Road

  5. The Ride

    Bright and dreamful Trance track with a big supersaw synth riff and driving drums creates fly-away feeling.

    Composed by Queens Road

  6. Amsterdamn

    Simple trance track with a two note repeating bass line, sparse synth notes and a robotic feel.

    Composed by Steve Skrzypek