Tracks (6)

  1. Dark Forest

    Dark, frantic Trance that gets your heart racing.

    Composed by Dennis P. Coronel

  2. Steamy Vents

    Bright, energetic Trance that gives a sense of positive action/adventure.

    Composed by Dennis P. Coronel

  3. Mind In Motion

    The right track for sports activities and scenes in the club.

    Composed by Queens Road

  4. Summer Love

    Summery trance track with a positive feel-good melody.

    Composed by Queens Road

  5. The Ride

    Bright and dreamful Trance track with a big supersaw synth riff and driving drums creates fly-away feeling.

    Composed by Queens Road

  6. Amsterdamn

    Simple trance track with a two note repeating bass line, sparse synth notes and a robotic feel.

    Composed by Steven Skrzypek