Tracks (19)

  1. Darkroom

    Ambient track with electronic tom pattern in the background, prominent hi hat in the middle, repeating bass melody, and two chord synth pad.

    Composed by Steven Skrzypek

  2. Magnolia Blvd

    Basic chill track with slightly oriental sounding synth lead pattern.

    Composed by Steven Skrzypek

  3. Shades

    Ambient track with a repeating three-note synth lead, female vocal-like sound effects halfway and wobbly intermittent pad sounds create a mysterious mood.

    Composed by Steven Skrzypek

  4. Boho Wear

    Dance loop. Good for fashion scenes etc.

    Composed by Jarno Huhtanen

  5. Daily Gossip

    Cool electronic dane tracks that underline fashion and beauty news.

    Composed by Jarno Huhtanen

  6. Star Vibe

    Positive and upbeat electronica/dance entertainment news underscore.

    Composed by Jarno Huhtanen

  7. New Celeb

    Dance loop. Good for news and anything stylish.

    Composed by Jarno Huhtanen

  8. Newsflash

    Dance loop. Urgent and driving.

    Composed by Jarno Huhtanen

  9. Stylish People

    Dance loop. Good for fashion scenes, news, etc.

    Composed by Jarno Huhtanen

  10. The Big And Famous

    Dance loop. Cool and a bit serious. Good for various scenes.

    Composed by Jarno Huhtanen

  11. Limitless Electro

    Rhythmically complex electro track. Good for nightlife and club scenes. Sounds like someone is looking out a car window in the city at night.

    Composed by Martin Veida, Peter Liljeqvist

  12. Move Silently Through

    Deep bassy drums mixed with changing moods give a sense of mystery. Could work well for a dark club scene. Female vocals enter at 2:22.

    Composed by Dean Wagg

  13. Lloyd Have Mercy

    Fast paced electronic dance instrumental with electric piano and synths. Nice hand drum/bongo break at 1:14.

    Composed by Jeremy K Lloyd

  14. Move It Or Loose It

    Dance club instrumental with moving synth and piano gives a sense of mystery.

    Composed by Jeremy K Lloyd

  15. The Mason Elation

    Electronica instrumental with strings and fast moving synth. Starts out melancholy, then grows into a _sparklinghopeful sound.

    Composed by Jeremy K Lloyd

  16. Fat Cat

    A relaxed, ambient dance track with a pad and synth intro, and an overall positive vibe.

    Composed by Keily Augustus Rich

  17. Jump Streets

    Dance track with ambient feel and quirky voice drops.

    Composed by Travis A Moore

  18. The Catwalk

    Laid-back dance track sounds like models on the catwalk don't really care; they're confident and above it all.

    Composed by Alexander Tobias Orest

  19. Winter Retreat

    A straightforward ambient dance track that makes you want to move. Guitar like synth sound effects and a disco influenced bass line.

    Composed by Keily Augustus Rich