Tracks (8)

  1. Shadow Boxing

    Hard rock track that gives a powerful but ominous feel.

    Composed by Dennis P. Coronel

  2. Going For It

    Rock track with a sincere-sounding lead guitar and a bouncy beat. Very Anthemic.

    Composed by Travis A Moore, Patrick Casey Harshbarger

  3. Immortal One

    Orchestral/Rock Hybrid that begins with a power guitar sting and continues to build tension and energy. Works well for a fierce, his is personalcompetition.

    Composed by Giovanni Saliceti

  4. Immortalized

    Orchestral/Rock Hybrid with an immediate explosion into a powerful epic sounding, battle soundtrack.

    Composed by Giovanni Saliceti

  5. Showdown

    Orchestral/Rock Hybrid that suits a work-out or finals competition with high energy, a build up in the middle, and a strong stinging ending.

    Composed by Giovanni Saliceti

  6. American Reunion

    Medium rock track with a little edge, nice groove with some attitude

    Composed by Gianfranco Zuccarelli, Michele Zuccarelli

  7. Hard Work N Goodtimes

    Medium rock track with a little edge, nice groove with some attitude. The team goes out to drink and party after the big game.

    Composed by Robbie Pittleman

  8. Rock Hard

    Hard Hitting Action Rock Track. Facing the enemy.

    Composed by Brett A. Pryor