Tracks (16)

  1. A One Sauce

    Finger-picked acoustic guitar, electric guitar melody, bass and drums, slightly bluesy and country.

    Composed by Danny Infantino

  2. I Know Ditto

    Laid back groove with acoustic guitar melody, piano, bass, drums, conga.

    Composed by Danny Infantino

  3. Blues For My Brother

    Bluesy acoustic guitar track that sounds like a person with a lot to think about.

    Composed by Roy Scoutz

  4. Mackinaw Girl

    Warm-hearted acoustic guitar melody that sounds like two people in a cozy cabin in the snow.

    Composed by Roy Scoutz

  5. Mitsy

    Happy, positive acoustic guitar track with a strong melody. In time.

    Composed by Roy Scoutz

  6. Open The Night

    Laid-back feel-good acoustic guitar track with a sense of swing.

    Composed by Roy Scoutz

  7. Zirconium

    Fantasy, epic-like piece with soaring and sweeping classical grandeur.

    Composed by Charles Berman

  8. Good Magic For The Family

    Happy family classical orchestra. Makes me think of a winter sleigh ride.

    Composed by Volker Barber

  9. Your Hand Is Warm

    Guitar like synth tembres remind of trembling fingers touched by a trembling hand - sensuous and sweet.

    Composed by Alexander Tishchenko

  10. Lets Make It

    Light, confident, positive let's face the day's challenges with an upbeat mood.

    Composed by Danny Infantino

  11. Horizon View

    Laidback, sincere, easygoing acoustic instrumental cue.

    Composed by Dennis P. Coronel

  12. Footsteps In The Sand

    A lovely ambient track structured like two echoing musical lines to a relaxed beat, a waterfront fantacy - hand in hand, cocktail on the table.

    Composed by Alexander Tishchenko

  13. Family Matters

    Dark electronic Instrumental with strings and synth

    Composed by Lloyd K

  14. Breakfast On The Patio

    Light-hearted piano & synth track with simulated orchestra, reminds of a promenade on vacation.

    Composed by Alexander Tishchenko

  15. Born With Feelings

    Bright, happy and joyous acoustic instrumental cue.

    Composed by Dennis P. Coronel

  16. Any Which Way

    Classical acoustic guitar with percussion and bass

    Composed by David Christopher Banks