Tracks (16)

  1. Guitar Sharp

    A repeating blues-rock lick over an up-tempo drum beat makes for a 70's style action scene

    Composed by John Walden

  2. Adrenalin

    Breathtaking orchestra electronic rock hybrid creates an evolving situation where tension grows continuously. Heavy guitar lead enters at 1:32.

    Composed by Pietro Maria Benedetti

  3. Allyson

    Synth intro turns into Synth Rock action at mid tempo. Cool organ type sound under rhythm loop.

    Composed by Gianfranco Zuccarelli, Michele Zuccarelli

  4. Bunker Pop Sting

    High energy, frenetic drum n bass track give a great sense of frantic urgency.

    Composed by Peter Liljeqvist, Martin Veida

  5. Eternal Power

    Fast Drum and Bass track with a hectic synth melody that drives you. Sounds hyper-caffeinated. Great for a ast and the Furiouschase scene or club scene.

    Composed by Queens Road

  6. Fighting Spirit

    A cool Olympic theme with trumpets, horn, arp synth, orchestra and drums.

    Composed by Alexander Tobias Orest

  7. Go For It

    Hard driving, upbeat synth, guitar and drums make for a great action scene, chase, or club scene.

    Composed by John Walden

  8. Jaykai-Back From Hell

    Hybrid Rock action cue with dubstep elements. Has a sense of a high-tech hero returning when all was thought lost.

    Composed by Volker Barber

  9. Red Team Ready

    Cinematic percussion with fast paced suspenseful action feel. Briefly catches its breath at :44 before dashing for the finish line.

    Composed by Tracy Brian Smith

  10. Space T

    Fast paced Synth brass hits with a powerful locomotive like beat. n your facehigh energy

    Composed by Tim Tully

  11. Beggin' You

    Heavy rock guitars and drums mixed with a house bass groove. Party time!

    Composed by Jeffrey Troy McGaha

  12. Chemical Imbalance

    High energy, drum driven Electronic Rock fusion.With distorted guitar

    Composed by Dennis P. Coronel

  13. Fast Motion

    Whirly Build into action synth cue. Great for a car chase or racing sequence.

    Composed by Brett A. Pryor

  14. Last Exit

    Dark, fast-moving and high energy track will bring adrenaline to the scene

    Composed by Edd Charmant

  15. Link And Chains

    Driving, high energy Hip-Hop/Rock fusion which gives a sense of action and movement

    Composed by Dennis P. Coronel

  16. The Hero Returns

    Heroic orchestra with underlyng electronic pulse has a sense of triumph.

    Composed by Volker Barber