Tracks (16)

  1. Future Jazz

    Deep House, Lounge, Electronic track

    Composed by Timothy Allan

  2. Martini In The Elevator

    60's style hip and cheeky loungy groovy vibe

    Composed by Christine Cochrane

  3. Miss Cool

    Lounge Lizzard alert

    Composed by David keen

  4. Smokey Lounge

    Bright, happy and joyous acoustic instrumental cue.

    Composed by Dennis P. Coronel

  5. Waterfront Date

    The track conveys the thrill of the first date by the sea with endless span of water and painfully blue skies overhead.

    Composed by Alexander Tishchenko

  6. Chillin At Home

    Laid-back, relaxing piece of music good for relaxing and having a drink at home.

    Composed by Volker Barber

  7. Latin Lounge

    Soulful and Jazzy Lounge music grooving in the background of a bar or club scene.

    Composed by Phillip M. Odgen

  8. Balearic Lounge

    Lounge music featuring Spanish guitar improvisation. Good for a relaxed outdoor cafe scene or moment of introspection at night.

    Composed by Volker Barber

  9. Chillin On The Sofa

    Relaxing music with strings, guitar, and a light beat.

    Composed by Volker Barber

  10. Latin Lovers

    Up-tempo and laid-back background ambient track featuring a saxophone.

    Composed by Volker Barber

  11. Retrospective Good Moments

    Ambient piece that sounds dreamy and imaginative, featuring saxophone, trumpet and synth pads.

    Composed by Volker Barber

  12. Mad Men

    Bossanova-influenced background music with a theme that sounds like the song On Broadway.Sixties Bossa Groove with "The Good the Bad and the Ugly" Six String bass featured

    Composed by Chad M Watson

  13. After Hours

    Sophisticated lounge track with a sexy sultry groove

    Composed by Christine Cochrane

  14. Buy Me A Drink

    Ambient feel with electronic elements and sophisticated jazzy vibe

    Composed by Christine Cochrane

  15. Fireplace Chat

    This track evokes the sensation of being in a nicely furnished house where candles are lit and the fireplace is aglow.

    Composed by Alexander Tishchenko

  16. Lounge It

    Lounge Lizzard alert

    Composed by David keen