Tracks (9)

  1. The Bridesmaid's Song

    Classical Waltz that feels like Bridesmaids are coming down the aisle at a wedding

    Composed by Jeffrey Troy McGaha

  2. It Me

    Slightly melancholy track with a chill vibe.

    Composed by Brett A. Pryor

  3. Dg Dreamy Smooth Jazzy Featuring Sax And Guitar

    Dreamy, smooth jazz track with sax melody and guitar solo.

    Composed by Jerry Velona

  4. Wind Plaing With Your Hair

    The music carries the feeling of a portrait-like lovely woman close by with long wavy hair tickled by the wind.

    Composed by Alexander Tishchenko

  5. Two Bird's Song

    Feel good romatic orchestral instrumental

    Composed by Jeremy Kyle Lloyd

  6. Stormy Equinox

    A true soundtrack of real life romance. Whimsical beginnings wind their way to stormy nights. But real love is strong, and the couple emerges into a triumphant, glowing light when the storm passes. A Romantic piano ballad accompanied by light percussion and strings.

    Composed by Joseph Slyzelia

  7. At First Sight

    Beautiful romantic mood-creating track with steady progression to a very soothing rocking chair rhythm.

    Composed by Alexander Tishchenko

  8. A Night To Remember

    Romantic Jazz saxophone, perfect for a slow-down, candlelight evening.

    Composed by Joseph Slyzelia

  9. Into The Dawn

    Groovy laid back track that sounds kinda Steely Dan-ish.

    Composed by David Bradley Mau, Gerald Lee Jr Jennings