Playlist image December 05, 2020: 150 anniversary of the death of Alexandre Dumas

December 05, 2020: 150 anniversary of the death of Alexandre Dumas

The famous French writer Alexandre Dumas, also known as Alexandre Dumas the Elder, died 150 years ago. His historical novels, such as The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Christo, are now considered classics. Image: (royalty-free)

Tracks (11)

  1. Bonhomme De Neige UBM 2353

    A steady flowing jaunty piece, with light contemplative tones.

  2. A Splash Of Color UBM 2317

    Mystical and secretive, with a playful undertone that becomes more serious over the course of the track.

  3. Wide Land UBM 2328

    Panoramic soundscape that suggest beautiful wide landscapes. Calmly flowing strings and warm brass section characterize this classic film music.

  4. Associations UBM 2342

    This is quite the emotional rollercoaster ride. It is suited for classical cinema and the big screen – or just to be enjoyed on its own.

  5. 2AM UBM 2252

    Dramatic track, solo piano, thoughtful, melancholic, sad, slow in the beginning, becomes faster during the track.

  6. Take Its Course UBM 2260

    Cello, string quartet, piano and percussion harmonize in the main theme that is sadly bringing up the big question of life. Ideal for a mysterious atmosphere that reminds of an old music box that lures the audience into a mysterious parallel world.

  7. Regret And Reason UBM 2390

    Melancholy yet hopeful composition for piano, flute and strings. Warm, romantic, longing. For historical drama, fairy tales and animated films.

  8. Passionate Movements UBM 2380

    This tango piece exudes passion and is still sophisticated. Ideal for cultural contributions about art, literature or architecture.

  9. Provence Violin UBM 2336

    Short serenade with harp and violin, slightly sentimental about the past.

  10. Short Winter UBM 2285

    A light, yet strong, flowing, passionate piece. Instrumented with beautiful piano and cello segments. Very well suited for historical and artistic topics, history documentaries and radio programs about the beginning of the 20th century.

  11. Careful Try UBM 2219

    Positive, agile, subtle & playful.