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Breaking News

Breaking news is the name given to messages about the latest events or states of importance. In doing so, political issues from all countries often come into focus. Photo: AbsolutVision (

Tracks (15)

  1. During The Break UBM 2265

    This Synthesizer track works for everything news-related.

  2. Acoustic Pulse UBM 2382

    Objective track that is suitable as a news opener. Neutral information, journalism and hard facts are suggested.

  3. Space Rendezvous UBM 2346

    Neutral soundbed for news, documentaries and developing stories.

  4. High Fidelity UBM 2267

    Modern groove with open guitar chords and a robotic pulse. Loopable.

  5. Headway UBM 2351

    Medium tempo marimba track for social issues, political upheavals, current coverage.

  6. Neutral Flow UBM 2208

    Cool-headed, poppy tune. Continuously floating, open and evoking images of flight and travel.

  7. Proton Beat UBM 2348

    Neutral, lively electronic beat and occasional synth notes. Airy, scientific, precise.

  8. Counter Draw UBM 2161

    forceful, agitated; crime scene investigation

  9. Daily Gossip HT0012

    Cool electronic dane tracks that underline fashion and beauty news.

  10. Blue Pearl UBM 2323

    Playful and light mallet track in a neutral mode. Great for scientific contexts, business news and even the weather forecast.

  11. Cozy Times UBM 2310

    Neutral mood with groovy electronic beats and repetitive melodic echoes. Warm, synthetic, unobtrusive.

  12. Finanzkrise UBM 2218

    Dramatic, urban, urgent - for business reports and politics.