Playlist image 100th anniversary of the Roaring 20s

100th anniversary of the Roaring 20s

The era between 1924 and 1929 is referred to as the golden twenties or golden twenties. The expression illustrates the economic boom in several industrialized countries in the 1920s and at the same time stands for a marriage of German culture, art and science. The "Roaring Twenties" ended with the global economic crisis. Image: Shutterstock

Tracks (17)

  1. Swing Time ARTFCD39

    Stylish big band swing

  2. What You Need Is A Drink Of Swing HT0019

    Intent, Focused, Swingin' Violin

  3. Acoustic Swing 2 UBM 2280

    Jazzy, lounge-like swing music best accompanied by a cigar and a glass of whisky.

  4. Buffoon One UBM 2321

    Old-fashioned piano melody for scenes of childhood, pets, circus or the varieté. Like the soundtrack for a film from the 1920s or 1930s.

  5. Short Winter UBM 2285

    A light, yet strong, flowing, passionate piece. Instrumented with beautiful piano and cello segments. Very well suited for historical and artistic topics, history documentaries and radio programs about the beginning of the 20th century.

  6. Arlette Mon Amour UBM 2342

    Graceful waltz for piano, violin and accordion, playing variations on the main theme.

  7. Lest We Forget UBM 2236

    strings; flutes; 20th Century; warm; beautiful; acoustic guitar; neo-classical

  8. A Cortazar En Rayuela UBM 2252

    Melancholic solo piano piece that makes you think. Lonely, regretting and sad.

  9. The Next Dance UBM 2328

    Playful, light-hearted, slightly ironic ball dance tune. Nostalgic instrumentation and very positive, comical mood.

  10. Stummfilmpiano UBM 2194

    Cheerful slapstick music from the silent film era. Solo piano.

  11. Boogie Lazy UBM 2333

    Laid-back piano blues that sounds like straight from a Chicago bar. Cool, easy, relaxed.

  12. Do You Mind If I Smoke UBM 2252

    Swinging, airy sound, dominated by bass and a dramatic end.

  13. Cinema UBM 2101

    adagio, very sincere piece, little warm, but with sadness, just a silent movie

  14. Smooth Moves UBM 2276

    Relaxed and cool jazzy track reminding of a cat on a hot tin roof.

  15. Swing Strip UBM 2129

    Short cut opener/trailer for television, commercials & cinema