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Hip Hop / emotional

For content related to urban topics, youth and crime - but also moods like feelgood and chill; this tracklist is a compilation of our best hiphop beats with the perfect soundtrack for a whole range of productions.

Tracks (31)

  1. King Of Cruise UBM 2478

    With the windows rolled down, the SUV glides through the urban landscape. Gentle beat, medium tempo, between relaxation and coolness.

  2. Bo Dee Da TWPM 024

    Chilled jazzy Rhodes piano chords on a laid-back urban beat featuring funky lead synth with vinyl effects, scratches and flute samples.

  3. Dream Catcher UBM 2459

    Subtly arranged with flute accents and warm synth pads. Guaranteed chill-out vibes, with an invigorating finish.

  4. City Wolf UBM 2315

    Contemporary dynamic club sound with hints of trap and dubstep. Ideal for images of youth, clubbing, fashion and night owls.

  5. Asphalt UBM 2423

    Hip Hop with a piano that sounds heavy, dark and thoughtful. For features about street culture or urban subcultures.

  6. Temple Room UBM 2378

    Starts as a slightly threatening track with repetitive bass synthesizer and mid-tempo click. Reduced bridge in a more relaxed mood.

  7. Kottbusser Tor UBM 2449

    Strings, piano, synthesizer and electronic drums create a dark city sound that goes well with illegal activities. For crime and reports.

  8. Good Luck UBM 2303

    Mid-tempo beat with drum roll accents and repeated piano chords characterize this laid-back track. Some saxophone for a smooth, sophisticated atmosphere.

  9. Urbanization UBM 2479

    Where once there were meadows and fields, office towers are now springing up like mushrooms. The urbanization is electrifying, sweeping, infectious with its hustle and bustle. Ticking hihats, fast bass drums and a repetitive scrap of melody characterize this track.

  10. Social Media Feed UBM 2434

    Lost in the dopamine rush of follows and likes: the daily fireworks in the reward center of our brains glue us to the various screens of our everyday lives.

  11. Mr Mister TWPM 017

    Slow modern R'n'B with urban trap beats, strings orchestra, powerful synths and wobbling bass featuring soulful female vocals.

  12. Cloning UBM 2411

    Trippy, dystopian piece for unsettling topics.

  13. Street Life UBM 2385

    This hip-hop track fits perfectly on issues of social injustice, social grievances and racist crimes. Dark, urban and critical.

  14. Beat Tapping SLAM0016

    Repetitive hip-hop sound suitable for battles. Relaxed, urban, retro.

  15. Hoffmanns Trip UBM 2326

    Mysterious Hip Hop track from a different dimension.

  16. Detroit Stomp UBM 2246

    Folky acoustic guitar meets hip hop beats and vinyl scratching samples. Urban, chilled and laid-back.

  17. Shaman TWPM 014

    Dark, mysterious pagan prayer on contemporary trap groove with heavy bass line, haunted background vocals. Based on cheremis folk song sample recorded on location in 1975.

  18. Gibraltar ARTFCD113

    A bright flute riff brings fun sophistication to this dope lofi beat

  19. Be My Star UBM 2485

    Mid-tempo track with a comparatively calm, almost gloomy charisma. Contemporary and captivating.

  20. Clumpy NYH001

    Gangster-style hip-hop: Imagine a criminal boss with his minions cruising through his territory in his city.

  21. Shutters ARTFCD117

    Reflective electric piano and synths with relaxed loops

  22. Watch The Cops TWPM 030

    Fat, compressed beat with reverb and wailing sirens in the background. For security forces in dicey situations.

  23. Rattlesnake Beat UBM 2433

    When hip-hop elements meet cinematic strings and choirs as well as traditional percussion, this exciting mix of genres is created. Fresh, urban, modern.

  24. Taki 183 UBM 2451

    Hip hop retroengineered: distorted organ and aggressive rap vocal samples paired with synth glitch sounds over a hard beat convey a sense of the urbanity of the inevitably dystopian nearest future.

  25. Odyssey UBM 2301

    Dreamlike, mystical soundscape. New Age, relaxing, deep, reflective, warm, floating.

  26. Fallin TWPM 034

    Modern electronic pop song with laid-back beats featuring sensual female vocals. Exciting and heartfelt.

  27. Beat This RG001

    Constant hip-hop track for features about street culture and youth movements.

  28. Mellow Beats UBM 2128

    Floating rhodes chords and smooth hiphop groove

  29. Break Limits UBM 2132

    Broken hiphop beat with wah guitar and subtly menacing strings