Playlist image 8 November: US midterm elections
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8 November: US midterm elections

On November 8th, the midterm elections will take place in the United States to mark the middle of the presidential term. These have often decided the fate of presidents in the past. New governors are being elected in 36 of the 50 US states.

Tracks (15)

  1. Washington DC UBM 2237

    Cinematic orchestral theme with a slightly jazzy touch. Expressing class, power, wealth and political strategies.

  2. Going In UBM 2346

    Confronting a dangerous situation, heading into a risky operation when there is no alternative way out.

  3. Politischer Diskurs UBM 2218

    Modern news theme, expressing urgency and very serious business.

  4. Ghost Train UBM 2463

    Casual blues rock that evokes images of freedom and independence. With guitar, drums and harmonica.

  5. Story UBM 2351

    High-quality soundtrack for modern TV series and documentaries, radio broadcasts and podcasts. Neutral mood.

  6. Undercover Investigation A UBM 2241

    Mysterious electronic track; artificial and scientific; ideal for images of research, communication, data and secret investigation.

  7. Urgency And Optimism UBM 2461

    While the full version of this pulsing track provides subtle tension, the edits also feature more upbeat tones.

  8. Obscure Premonitions UBM 2457

    Investigative journalism and reports on corruption and criminal activities benefit from this increasingly dramatic track. Great for true crime and epic crime series too.

  9. Encryption ARTFCD102

    Coding-style repeated synth rhythms with anxious computer sounds and string pads

  10. Mind Screw UBM 2278

    Electronic track that works for both news and criminal investigations.

  11. News & Business 9 UBM 2144

    Exciting drums and fanfares announce important news.

  12. Baby Please TWPM 024

    Sentimental piano theme over retro West-coast beat with sax and vocal hooks.

  13. Blindspot UBM 2258

    Dramatic, exciting track with piano, synthesizer and strings. Well suited for features about political machinations and influential criminals with power and money.

  14. Election Fraud UBM 2361

    Corrupt politicians manipulating elections. Menacing guitars, hectic strings, ticking clocks and apocalyptic percussion underline the end-of-time mood.

  15. Secret Task UBM 2296

    The first secret mission. The tension slowly builds up.