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Summer Holidays 2022

Summertime, travel time! The long-awaited summer holidays are finally upon us and we are drawn to faraway places. Today, the range of different types of travel is more individualised and diverse than ever: whether it's a classic beach holiday in Majorca or Sylt, enjoying the vanlife adventure to the fullest while camping with a camper van, or spending the summer stress-free at home between the open-air pool and the balcony – there's something for everyone and, above all, for every budget! Photo: Raphaël Biscaldi on

Tracks (17)

  1. After Dawn UBM 2448

    Serene, calm and positive. This track is ideal as background accompaniment for hotel bars or for queues.

  2. Relaxpad UBM 2444

    The maritime scent of freshly caught seafood wafts subtly over the rows of white-covered tables outside the exclusive, yet rustic beach restaurant. You've arrived at one of Ibiza's last secret pradise bays, miraculously still spared from mass tourism. Peace, at last.

  3. Night Bus UBM 2455

    Warm guitar patterns are complemented by relaxed drums and jazzy keyboard surfaces. The right soundtrack for deep relaxation and hot summers.

  4. Saucer Eyes UBM 2451

    Psychedelic acid house track with a prominent female vocal sample. Somewhere between pool fries in an edible bowl and Gotthilf Fischer at the Loveparade 2000. Summery and hedonistic.

  5. Coconut Beach UBM 2166

    mediterranean, nostalgic, spirited

  6. Electro Corn UBM 2287

    Lively dance track for party vacations on the beach or festivals. Summery.

  7. Coconut Island UBM 2456

    Club vacation in the South Seas: this lively instrumental will put the whole family in a good mood.

  8. Beach Samba UBM 2428

    The right sound for a walk on the beach or a romantic candlelight dinner in the harbor.

  9. En Mis Suenos UBM 2409

    Forever Liming! This expression describes the typical Caribbean way of life. It means something like "hurry with a while" or "the enjoyable art of doing nothing".

  10. Corn Rigs UBM 2446

    Idea for a late summer vacation day: A trip on foot, between meadows and fields. Picnic by the wayside on a tartan-patterned blanket. Upon return, retreat inside the friendly inn, letting the day's experiences pass in revue.

  11. El Mar UBM 2318

    Very beautiful sung melody. An evening at the Spanish Sea with Spanish vocals. Sunset and love.

  12. Copa da Caipirinha UBM 2355

    The soundtrack to an endless summer! Carefree, cheerful and passionate. South American flair with acoustic guitar, percussion, and a great saxophone solo.

  13. It's Beach Weather HT0428

    California Surf Music with vocals

  14. Bagga RG001

    Relaxed reggae track that makes Caribbean vacation dreams come true. Summer, sun, palm trees and the beach.

  15. Rocking Rough UBM 2253

    The summer holidays are here and the fun can begin! Exuberant, rocking, carefree.