Playlist image US Election Campaign

US Election Campaign

The presidential election will take place in the United States on November 3, 2020, but the election campaign began long before.

Tracks (15)

  1. Washington DC UBM 2237

    Cinematic orchestral theme with a slightly jazzy touch. Expressing class, power, wealth and political strategies.

  2. Going In UBM 2346

    Confronting a dangerous situation, heading into a risky operation when there is no alternative way out.

  3. Politischer Diskurs UBM 2218

    Modern news theme, expressing urgency and very serious business.

  4. Ragbag UBM 2161

    fast & propulsive marimba & percussion; troubled & nervous yet optimistic

  5. Story UBM 2351

    High-quality soundtrack for modern TV series and documentaries, radio broadcasts and podcasts. Neutral mood.

  6. Win The Race ACL145

    majestic orchestral_piano piece featuring French horn

  7. Undercover Investigation A UBM 2241

    Mysterious electronic track; artificial and scientific; ideal for images of research, communication, data and secret investigation.

  8. Mind Screw UBM 2278

    Electronic track that works for both news and criminal investigations.

  9. News & Business 9 UBM 2144

    heavy and dramatic news fanfare

  10. Blindspot UBM 2258

    Dramatic, exciting track with piano, synthesizer and strings. Well suited for features about political machinations and influential criminals with power and money.

  11. The Candidate (Orchestral) ACL040

    Proud election piano melody builds with strings heartland heartfelt

  12. Election Fraud UBM 2361

    Corrupt politicians manipulating elections. Menacing guitars, hectic strings, ticking clocks and apocalyptic percussion underline the end-of-time mood.

  13. Lead The Race ACL168

    Driving stately motion to win

  14. Secret Task UBM 2296

    The first secret mission. The tension slowly builds up.