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In the spotlight

Voices of Jerusalem UBM 2100

Musik der Ostkirchen

Horizon UBM 2108

Entspannte Jazz-Grooves & relaxte Beats, Atmosphären für Natur-und Urlaubsimpressionen

Funky Fashion UBM 2121

Haus Nuten für den Laufsteg und hippen Spots

Zoo Stories UBM 2235

Beautifully instrumented tracks for all nature and animal related formats: documentaries (wildlife, zoo and safari), children's films and travel magazines. Also works for comedy and kids TV.

Piano Keys - Minimal And Contemporary UBM 2248

Twenty modern solo piano tracks for serious and positve topics about society, art and nature.

Africa Between Hope And Despair UBM 2255

The perfect sound for African lifestyles as well as daily challenges in Africa and attempted escapes. Sad and melancholic but dynamic and exciting, too.

Chilled Guitars UBM 2256

Entspannte Gitarrensounds für Reisemagazine, Werbung, Unterhaltungssendungen, den Wetterbericht und unterhaltsame TV-Shows für die ganze Familie.

Shadows Of The Past UBM 2285

Beatifully crafted orchestral compositions with strong classical piano, violins or cello elements to add the perfect touches to strong emotive, passionate or melancholic images.