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Lifestyle UBM 2151

Moderne treibende Beats und stilvolle Atmos für Mode, Lifestyle und Business

Mind Games UBM 2170

gefühlvolle, menschliche und warme Underscores mit Marimba als Melodieinstrument

Science, Healthcare and Technology UBM 2173

energisch, leistungsstarke und moderne elektronische Musik mit viel menschlicher Wärme und Temperament - die Menschen miteinander verbindet technische Errungenschaft

Dark Tension UBM 2183

nachdenkliche, ernste und dezent dramatische Klänge

Ambient Guitar UBM 2224

Unusual guitar atmospheres for documentaries and TV features. Airy and authentic, these tracks combine electric guitar with subtle electronic elements.

Minimal Piano UBM 2239

Minimal contemporary piano pieces. Mostly solo, some with subtle electronic accompaniment. Perfect for documentaries, film and features that call for tasteful and unobtrusive music.

Sea Aquarium UBM 2283

A collection of compositions and soundscapes to perfectly complement any water or sea based themes, fom bubbling drains, melting icecaps, busy coral reefs, or the deep dark mysticism of the deep ocean depths. From flighty butterfly fish to gracious, majestic whales, all can be well portrayed with this selection.

Gold Rush - Retro Wild Western UBM 2300

Vintage guitars create the perfect sound for saloon images or road trips. Images of a B-Movie. Spaghetti western, dark country, texmex, deep south swamps, wild frontiers, goldrush. Tarentino or Sergio Leone will all be well accompanied with these compositions.