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In the spotlight

Horizon UBM 2108

Entspannte Jazz-Grooves & relaxte Beats, Atmosphären für Natur-und Urlaubsimpressionen

Mystery & Drama UBM 2133

investigativ, kriminell, psychologisch

Space UBM 2162

atmosphärischen, breit und völlig schwerelos Musik für Raum und Natur-Dokumentationen

Generation Groove UBM 2205

versatile, modern tracks that pay homage to various styles and eras of pop music. emphasis on drums and infectious grooves.

A Christmas Dream UBM 2212

Beautiful a cappella renditions of true and trusted Christmas classics. Surprisingly charming, yet touching. Sung by vocal ensemble Cologne Voices.

Menace Of War UBM 2226

Serious tracks for films and documentaries on war and catastrophes as well as their aftermath. Subtle and carefully arranged without pathos.

Tiny String Ensemble UBM 2231

Warm, welcoming pizzicato strings for dramedy, commercials, children and comedy.

Rough Pop UBM 2253

Fast and positive pop sound for images of urban living, summer and festivals.