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In the spotlight

Pimp Your Picture UBM 2116

Eine wilde Mischung aus Rock, Kino-Trailer und orchestrale Themen

Caribbean Sunrise UBM 2166

positive, optimistische, fröhliche und entspannende akustische Spuren Fördern Sonnenschein Gefühl - authentisch karibischen Instrumentierung

Funk & Soul UBM 2175

energetic, uplifting & chilling tracks for modern entertainment

Electromotions - Dark UBM 2221

Dramatic tension & enforcing underscores for coverage & reality TV – decent mixture of modern electronics & subtle orchestra

Investigative 2 UBM 2241

This continuation of the popular 'Investigative' album contains 25 new tracks for suspense, research, modern investigation and secret activities.

Neutrality UBM 2267

Airy, bright and neutral synth pop. Perfect for restaurants, daily news & weather.

Mysterious Labs - Science & Research UBM 2282

Subtle electronic tracks for science, research, investigation and exploration. Modern and serious.

Welcome To Russia - Traditional & Modern UBM 2292

From a deep soulful dirge, to foot stomping vodka fuelled traditional balalaikas and cimbalom, whether on the Siberian wastes, overlooking the tundra in spring, or a vodka sipping, Cossack dancing evening in a village tavern, you will find all you need for musical accompaniment in these excellent authentic compositions.