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In the spotlight

City Dreams UBM 2104

Der Sound der Metropolen bei Tag und Nacht

Dark Tension UBM 2183

nachdenkliche, ernste und dezent dramatische Klänge

Ambient Guitar UBM 2224

Unusual guitar atmospheres for documentaries and TV features. Airy and authentic, these tracks combine electric guitar with subtle electronic elements.

Criminal Ambitions UBM 2240

Influenced by contemporary crime series, these sophisticated tracks are a perfect match for productions that deal with the human psyche, crime and investigation, felonies and justice.

Heroes UBM 2243

Epic hybrid scores for action, adventure and sweeping historic fiction. Plenty of orchestral grandness and dramatic choirs.

Piano Keys - Minimal And Contemporary UBM 2248

Twenty modern solo piano tracks for serious and positve topics about society, art and nature.

Agony And Drama UBM 2260

A great variety of high quality melancholic, dramatic and threatening orchestral tracks that touch the emotions of the audience.

Pure Acoustics UBM 2284

Ein Album, das den puren akustischen Sound bringt. Ideal für die Untermalung von Familienbildern, Szenen mit Kindern oder einfach dem Leben auf dem Land abseits der Großstädte.