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UBM 2350
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UBM 2348
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UBM 2342
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In the spotlight

Beauty UBM 2138

Akustische Tracks mit positiver Stimmung. Authentisch und gefühlvoll.

Young Beats UBM 2141

Dynamisch-witzige Tracks für Kinder- und Jugendprogramme

Weather & Preview UBM 2150

Sphärische, unaufdringliche und groovende Sounds für Nachrichten und Wetterbericht.

Red Neck Rock UBM 2159

Energetische Rocktracks für Sport, Action und Reality-Formate.

Generation Groove UBM 2205

versatile, modern tracks that pay homage to various styles and eras of pop music. emphasis on drums and infectious grooves.

A Christmas Dream UBM 2212

Beautiful a cappella renditions of true and trusted Christmas classics. Surprisingly charming, yet touching. Sung by vocal ensemble Cologne Voices.

Electromotions - Dark UBM 2221

Dramatic tension & enforcing underscores for coverage & reality TV – decent mixture of modern electronics & subtle orchestra

Showdown UBM 2229

High-energy tracks for white-knuckle situations. Perfect for action, crime, drama and tension, these tracks combine a tense atmosphere with big cinematic sound.