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Call-TV reloaded UBM 2153

hohe Schlagzähigkeit Aktion Schnitte mit äußerster promo Macht

Menace Of War UBM 2226

Serious tracks for films and documentaries on war and catastrophes as well as their aftermath. Subtle and carefully arranged without pathos.

Dreams & Fears - Organic Underscores UBM 2233

Hybrid underscore pieces that combine organic pulses with electronic moods. From positive/ hopeful/ dreamy to negative/ ominous/ uneasy.

Cinematic Moods and Colours UBM 2252

Orchestral tracks for nearly all emotions that can be shown on a big screen. Perfect for sentimental and reluctant as well as moving and action-packed scenes.

Drones UBM 2279

Made for epic sceneries and breathtaking views, this album full of soaring electronic sounds will make the perfect match for all aerial shots such as from drones or helicopters.

Nostalgia - Minimal Emotions UBM 2281

Thoughtful, soothing tracks for images of silence and reflection. For deep sea to deep space or deep feelings.

Welcome To Russia - Traditional & Modern UBM 2292

From a deep soulful dirge, to foot stomping vodka fuelled traditional balalaikas and cimbalom, whether on the Siberian wastes, overlooking the tundra in spring, or a vodka sipping, Cossack dancing evening in a village tavern, you will find all you need for musical accompaniment in these excellent authentic compositions.

Dark City UBM 2297

Düstere Soundscapes mit Elementen aus Industrial und elektronischer Musik. Perfekt geeignet für spannungsreiche Szenen, Nervenkitzel und Anspannung.