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Underworld UBM 2131

Dunkle Beats, Strukturen und Pads

Bizarre Underscores UBM 2161

subtile und doch ausdrucksstarke Musik Betten; hoch Erzählung; perfekt für die Berichterstattung, Dokumentationen, Politik und Reality-TV

Docutainment UBM 2171

verschiedene Stimmungen vermitteln Menschheit und Natur

Subtext Grooves UBM 2179

lebhafte und nachdenkliche elektronische Grooves für die moderne urbane Welt

Minimalism Blue UBM 2207

One of two albums filled with sophisticated minimal music. Beautiful electronics and subtle beats create neutral atmospheres that fit many purposes and programs. News, science documentaries and investigation are just a few of them.

Heroes UBM 2243

Epic hybrid scores for action, adventure and sweeping historic fiction. Plenty of orchestral grandness and dramatic choirs.

Gold Rush - Retro Wild Western UBM 2300

Vintage guitars create the perfect sound for saloon images or road trips. Images of a B-Movie. Spaghetti western, dark country, texmex, deep south swamps, wild frontiers, goldrush. Tarentino or Sergio Leone will all be well accompanied with these compositions.

Timelapse - Trip Hop & Drum N Bass UBM 2301

Ambient electronic sounds, including drum and bass and jungle themes, with occasional industrial driving elements.