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Suspense UBM 2111

Gefahr - Angst - Panik - Drones

TV Dance Styles UBM 2135

21 bis-2-date Dance-Tracks optimiert für den Einsatz in TV-Produktionen und Werbespots

Color Cielo UBM 2142

Natürlich, sympathisch und positive akustische Musik mit einem Latin und mediterranes Flair.

Guitar Emotions UBM 2147

Natur-und wunderschöne Akustik-Gitarre Stimmungen innerhalb der modernen filmischen Anordnung

Dark Tension II UBM 2190

additional collection of powerful, dark orchestrated underscores from eerie to dramatic

Agony And Drama UBM 2260

A great variety of high quality melancholic, dramatic and threatening orchestral tracks that touch the emotions of the audience.

Nostalgia - Minimal Emotions UBM 2281

Thoughtful, soothing tracks for images of silence and reflection. For deep sea to deep space or deep feelings.

Subtle Tension UBM 2296

From subtle to horrifying: these suspense-packed tracks will work for images of fear, investigation or even military and special operations. Recommended for film, documentary and trailers.