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Drumming Out UBM 2146

Fahren ethnische Perkussion, die moderne Welt

Love for Life UBM 2148

filmische Stimmungen rund um Liebe, Drama und Romantik: Traurigkeit, Sehnsucht, Nostalgie, Freude, Verspieltheit, Vertrauen

Nuclear Danger UBM 2180

subtle drones & music beds expressing invisible danger

Children, Comedy & Zoo UBM 2194

Beautifully instrumented tunes with a vintage feel.

Piano Keys - Minimal And Contemporary UBM 2248

Twenty modern solo piano tracks for serious and positve topics about society, art and nature.

Rough Pop UBM 2253

Fast and positive pop sound for images of urban living, summer and festivals.

Pain And Sorrow UBM 2262

Emotional and dramatic sounds that are ideal for sad scenes and tragedy. This extraordinary album has been recorded with the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague.

Shadows Of The Past UBM 2285

Beautifully crafted orchestral compositions with strong classical piano, violins or cello elements to add the perfect touch to strong emotive, passionate or melancholic images. Recorded with and played by musicians of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.