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After more than 40 years in the music business, the name UBM stands for high production quality, pictorial music and personal service.

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One of the best parts of summer is sport! Either you can let off steam in the fresh air with beach volleyball, inline skating or soccer in the park - or you can enjoy the broadcast of major events by the professionals at home and during public viewing. This light-hearted album offers rousing electronic tracks for fitness, partying and everything that goes with it.

These quiet tracks are not only suitable for falling asleep, but also for emotional stories about love and happiness, family programs, pet portraits or reports about untouched nature. Album download contains stems.

Directly from Mexico City comes this fiery mix of hip hop beats, crossover guitars and Spanish lyrics for thrilling reality, sports and youth content. All tracks are also available as instrumental versions and the album download contains all stems.

New flexibility: On "Coworking Spaces" Christoph Lienemann accompanies the transformation of the job world from over-climatised open-plan office landspaces with their yellowed maxi-tower desktop PCs to on-demand desks in light-showered coworking spaces in the centers of modern metropolises.

TV dramas and soaps whose characters work as doctors, lawyers or aristocrats enjoy unbroken popularity. This album features tastefully arranged scores orchestrated with piano, electronics, guitar and wind instruments that underline emotional scenes in a subtle yet effective way. No matter whether the action takes place in the operating room, in an architectural office or in the executive suite - there is sure to be a suitable sound setting here. Album download contains stems.

More and more people are choosing sustainable tourism when planning their vacation. This is about preserving the environment, culture and economy of a travel destination in the long term. This album takes up musical themes and traditions from different regions of the world. It is designed for travel magazines, but also TV series and podcasts.

A varied album not just for nature documentaries. Anyone looking for suitable music for adventure films, reality TV or animations should definitely give it a listen! Full album download includes stems.

An expert blend of richly orchestrated, hybrid sounds and relaxed lo-fi beats. Sometimes emotional, sometimes surreal. Suitable for a wide range of formats such as travel reports, human interest stories or documentaries on history and culture. Stems available.

An album with a sunny disposition that sounds as relaxed as the light-filled afternoon of the title. Perfect for entertainment television, articles about DIY projects, house cleaning or decoration, cooking shows or travel reports.

Artificial intelligence and computer-based technologies are on everyone’s lips today. Thoroughly researched TV reports and podcasts on the topic require appropriate tracks that provide a serious background for complex questions. You're sure to find what you're looking for on this album! For maximum flexibility when editing, the album download includes all stems.

These sometimes gentle, sometimes more lively lounge tracks are suitable as background music for television and radio reports on topics such as digitalization, the modern job market or work-life balance. They leave plenty of room for spoken language and exude a positive, relaxed atmosphere.