Tracks (13)

  1. Frozen Time

    Emotional, melodic felt piano theme with soft strings and synths over sparse downtempo beat.

    Composed by Gabor Bruzsa

  2. Melting Seconds

    Slow, ethereal piano plays spare baroque chord sequence in floating synth texture.

    Composed by Csaba Faltay

  3. Beyond The Clouds

    Slow paced ambient/downtempo track with introspective vibes and a touch of gloom. Mostly electronic instrumentation with a bit of guitar and rhodes piano here and there.

    Composed by Oliver Bajza

  4. Space Moves Time

    Very slow hypnotic trip-hop beat with dramatic treated strings, floating synths and soaring melody.

    Composed by Csaba Faltay

  5. Weightlessness

    A slow, high-tech, chilled underscore that feels like cool breeze. Floating synth pads fly in the infinite space.

    Composed by Gabor Bruzsa

  6. Sleeping Gaia

    Gradually building underscore with soft sequenced piano theme and bells. Meditative ambient opening builds into laid-back sparkling groove with catchy violin melody.

    Composed by Brigitta Varga

  7. Stopped Time

    Sparse dramatic treated felt piano solo with soft, floating synth textures.

    Composed by Gabor Bruzsa

  8. Slow Jumps

    Cool and grooving downtempo with thumping bass line and synth texture featuring treated vocal samples.

    Composed by Gabor Bruzsa

  9. First Sight

    Slow, radiant synth textures with soft, spares melody and bell-like sounds.

    Composed by Zsolt Donat Baracsi

  10. VCR In Outer Space

    Cool, minimal synth melody and treated vocal samples over super slow modern beats and floating electronic texture.

    Composed by Gabor Bruzsa

  11. Big Chimes

    Beautiful floating marimba like synthetic sequence with sparse electronic drums and bells.

    Composed by Bernadett Tarr

  12. The Day After

    A warm and laidback downtempo tune with a triplet feel. Electronic vibes with soft and silky pads, bright synths and pitched down drums.

    Composed by Oliver Bajza

  13. Deep Journey

    Gradually building slow electronica with ethereal piano theme. Airy synth texture builds into beat driven downtempo with choir and violin.

    Composed by Brigitta Varga

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