Tracks (12)

  1. Mysterious Pulse

    Dark, scary, and tense pulsating bass with minimal beat and bell-like sinister melody.

    Composed by Gabor Bruzsa

  2. Orbiting Atom

    Dark, ominous pulsating bass sequence with minimal electronic drums and synth pads.

    Composed by Csaba Faltay

  3. Science Pulse

    Minimal, atmospheric chill pulsating texture with synth arpeggio and a catchy simple melody.

    Composed by Gabor Bruzsa

  4. Solar Wind

    Cold and dark ambient track with pulsating electronic instruments. A firm and tense bass loop with arpeggiated synths, thick analogue pads and distant strings.

    Composed by Oliver Bajza

  5. The Clue

    Pulsing, mysterious, and exciting cinematic-like track with electronic instruments, and piano, some acoustic and electronic percussion.

    Composed by Peter Antovszki

  6. Aragonite

    Slowly building tense pulsating beats with dark and scary synth effects.

    Composed by Brigitta Varga

  7. UFO Pulse

    Scary slightly building UFO sci-fi texture with otherworldly effects and edgy pulsating beats.

    Composed by Gabor Bruzsa

  8. Close Encounters Of The Second Kind

    Dark, mysterious, tense pulsating texture with alien synth sounds and eerie electronic drums.

    Composed by Csaba Faltay

  9. Dark Pulsar

    An electronic ambient tune with both dark and bright tones. The heavy, growling bass-line serves as a counterpoint to the bright synth pulses and the shiny piano lead.

    Composed by Oliver Bajza

  10. Iridium

    Slow, fearful, dark texture with pulsating beats indicating an impending danger.

    Composed by Brigitta Varga

  11. In A Heartbeat

    Each instrument has its unique rhythm pattern and they complement each other nicely in this energetic and snappy electronic track. It's full of suspense, tension, warm analogue synthesizers and drums machines.

    Composed by Oliver Bajza

  12. Tension180

    Fast, high energy drum and bass with deep pulsating bass, punchy drums and treated vocal chops.

    Composed by Gabor Bruzsa

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