Tracks (24)

  1. Dangerous Times

    A driving, thrilling piano track as background to the exciting findings in the lab.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  2. Finding Peace

    An easy, light and inspirational piano piece for the search for answers.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  3. Hypnotic

    A subtle soft beat-laden background compliments the uplifting, almost frivolous melodies of this track.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  4. Hope In The Dark

    An easy pulsating ambient track with an uplifting, hope-filled piano melody. Eerie, yet proud.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  5. Tricks And Traps

    Deep, percussion filled, menacing track, that conveys negative results or a gridlock.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  6. Inside The Mist

    The fascinating low key excitement of the forensic pathologist as he slowly find the truth in the evidence.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  7. The Dead Zone

    A mid tempo, bombastic mysterious basis with an airy arcane counterpoint for those perplexing, enigmatic moments.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  8. Cemetery

    Suspence packed, tension filled underlay for the walk along the cold corridor towards the morgue.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  9. Night Sky

    In the aftermath of the disaster, the paramedics and emergency services arrive on the scene to help the wounded.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  10. The Code

    A pulsating, enthralling, breezy sound that can be relaxed but with just enough tension to underscore any busy lab scene.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  11. Gentle Pressure

    A minimalistic yet suspenseful backdrop for the investigation.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  12. Conspiracy Investigations

    Anxiously awaiting results or the build up to the moment of truth.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  13. Deadly Rhythms

    Time is running out! The diligent lab workers hurry efficiently to beat the deadline.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  14. Dead Silence

    Hopeful yet sad, joyeous yet melancholic, uplifting and inspiring. A perfect background for any emotional moments.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  15. Breaking Point

    A menacing, driving, suspense filled, minimal background for those nerve wracking, tense, atmospheric moments.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  16. Tick Tock

    A suspenceful, impelling track as they wait for the DNA results.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  17. Machines Of Chaos

    A spinning centrifuge and the hustle and bustle of the lab as the technicians strive for results.

    Composed by Risto Miettinen

  18. Endless Journey

    Repetetive, steady track. Breezy and light.

    Composed by Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  19. Tobogan Avion

    It begins quietly, but grows into an intense sonic experience.

    Composed by Chris Gott, Martin Machwitz

  20. On The Other Side

    Electronic sphere with subtle beat. Artificial yet welcoming.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  21. Analyse

    Mysterious, steady electronic chops, with bass and beat.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  22. Deepness

    Low notes and eerie mood. For images of destruction, fear and subtle threat.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  23. Forensic

    Distant jazzy drums within an enigmatic soundscape. Strange, mysterious, slightly nervous.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  24. Caged

    Transcendent, abstract, slightly bizarre. For psycho thrillers and suspense films.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

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