Tracks (21)

  1. Space Cosmos

    Mysterious, exotic, warm, fascinating, laid-back, new age.

    Composed by David Mate

  2. Nebula

    Chilled out, lounge, relaxed, warm, cryptic and a little abstract.

    Composed by David Mate

  3. Chloroform

    Urban scape in the future. Windy and broad. Light mystery.

    Composed by Chris Gott, Martin Machwitz

  4. Sun

    Beautiful, warm, calm. Light and open, and expansive.

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  5. Longing In The Night

    Etherial, subtle, magical. Works for film but also as a subtle underscore for science and nature features.

    Composed by Wilbert Patterer

  6. Atmospheric

    Floating, airy, light. Super chilled mood.

    Composed by David Mate

  7. Universe

    Glistening, mid tempo new age, alluring, with light vocal samples.

    Composed by David Mate

  8. Atomic Nucleus

    Chilled-out track; dreamy and relaxed. Great percussion groove to create an easy flow to the track.

    Composed by David Mate

  9. Frightened

    Ancient temple in the night. Anybody there? A sparse, dramatic, lightly threatening feel comes forth.

    Composed by Martin Machwitz, Chris Gott

  10. Heavens Gate

    Ethereal synthesizers; new-age style. Monasteries and old gothic buildings come to mind.

    Composed by Bon Craft

  11. Suspensa

    The destruction is everywhere. A deep solid threatening soundscape.

    Composed by Chris Gott, Martin Machwitz

  12. Haunted

    Transcendental soundscape. Ambient, abstract, haunting.

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  13. Stigmata

    Calm atmospheric synthesizer. Clouds passing by. Or easy soft nature scenes.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  14. High Resolution

    Mysterious tone with high pads. An airy, expansive floating composition.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  15. Sticky Fog

    Nervous, pulsating and minimal.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  16. Calling Pluto

    Mysterious, warm, calm. Very subtle beat starts at 1: 21. Soft and atmospheric.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  17. 7Th Dimension

    Solar wind of a distant star. Light, wide, and floating elements.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  18. Nite

    Infinite distance. A slow fly-by of a planet in a spacecraft comes to mind.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  19. Order From Chaos

    Elementary particles and electromagnetism.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  20. Time Crystal

    Subtle excitement, suspense or an uncanny feeling.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  21. Stairway To The Sky

    Airy track with a subtle retro vibe. Ideal for images of outer space, the cosmos and technology.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

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