Tracks (24)

  1. Fragrance

    Soft, hesitant piano and warm trumpet. Questioning, careful, curious, optimistic.

    Composed by Astrid Hofmann, Bon Craft

  2. Greek Flowers

    Expressive, contemporary classical, solo piano. Confident, fluent and varied.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  3. Rainy Day

    Mellow piano and strings in the style of early modernism and impressionism. Timid, reflective, soft.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  4. Perfumed

    Delicate solo piano. Starts fragile but develops into a subtly optimistic mood.

    Composed by Astrid Hofmann, Bon Craft

  5. Blood Piano

    A very sad piano melody develops with desolate strings in a slightly hopeful melody. Blue, absorbed in thought.

    Composed by Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  6. Long Sorrow

    Piano and strings; slow tempo, cinematic atmosphere.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  7. Easily

    Beautiful, melancholy, reflective.

    Composed by Bon Craft, Astrid Hofmann

  8. Wistfulness

    Hesitant, slow, earnest. Solo piano with a hint of medieval music. For film, documentaries and history programs.

    Composed by Bon Craft, Astrid Hofmann

  9. Deep Trust

    Tender, caring tune with a warm atmosphere. Not too sentimental.

    Composed by Bon Craft, Bertram Liebmann

  10. Lost Passion

    Cool, laid-back, intellectual. Elements of smooth jazz create an atmosphere of relaxation, luxury and repose.

    Composed by Bertram Liebmann, Bon Craft

  11. Angelically

    Flowing piano and tender strings. Melancholy, beautiful, introvert. Solo piano version available.

    Composed by Bon Craft, Astrid Hofmann

  12. Driven

    Busy and expressive piano scales. Fast, moving, emotional, troubled. Becomes more dramatic as strings join in.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  13. Transition

    Impressionist solo piano that stays in the background. Unagitated and subtly playful.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  14. Second Floor

    Hesitant, careful, warm. Mid-tempo solo piano for history, culture and arts content.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  15. Broken House

    Meditative, wondering, thoughtful. Not too negative, yet moving and emotional.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  16. Leaving Me

    Slow and sad solo piano. Melancholy mood.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  17. Onirique

    Flowing, soulful, sentimental. Mid-tempo solo piano.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  18. Promise

    Decisive, confident, expressive mood. Solo piano.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  19. Vincent

    Melodic, pop-infused neo-classical piano piece. Pleasant, playful, positive.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  20. Children Thoughts

    Beautiful solo piano, impressionistic and thoughtfully composed with a nostalgic touch. Great for history and culture programs.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  21. In The Distance

    Modern solo piano for film and sophisticated documentaries. Flowing and warm.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  22. Sway

    Halting, sweet, searching. Varying tempo between slow and medium. Solo piano, ideal for images of nature, introspection and harmony.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  23. Just A Coffee

    Elaborate solo piano with changing moods - from careful and reflective to more confident and forceful.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

  24. Goodnight

    Sweet piano lullaby for the young and the ageless. Tender, caring, loving.

    Composed by Eleni Kokmotou

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