Tracks (15)

  1. When Will You Come?

    Dreamy piano piece. Hesitant, minimal. Great for images of icy landscapes, silent reflection and solitude.

    Composed by Claus Quidde

  2. Encounter In The Dark

    Piano, strings and subtle percussion create an atmosphere of quiet contemplation. Beautiful and touching composition with increasing dynamics.

    Composed by Claus Quidde

  3. Waiting For Tomorrow

    Beautiful pop ballad with female vocals, piano, strings and electronics. Instrumental and reduced versions available.

    Composed by Claus Quidde, Marta Mielarek, Sjoerd van der Sanden

  4. Crime I - Wrong Expectations

    There are tracks in the snow…Gloomy track for contemporary crime movies, historical serial drama and psychological thrillers.

    Composed by Claus Quidde

  5. Crime II - Broken Promises

    Spooky and subtly dangerous. Someone is preparing an evil plan. Dark piano bass notes, electronic spheres and cristalline strings.

    Composed by Claus Quidde

  6. We Will Find A New Way

    Fragile female vocals accompanied by soft piano and electronic sounds. Ideal for emotional scenes, beginning hopefulness and moments of despair and solitude. Reduced and instrumental versions available.

    Composed by Claus Quidde, Marta Mielarek, Sjoerd van der Sanden

  7. The Way It Was

    Hesitant, shy, vulnerable. Confronted with a dark situation, contemplating. Piano and violins.

    Composed by Claus Quidde

  8. Crime III - Examination

    Atmospheric score with electronics and violins. Somber and with increasing intensity. What happened here?

    Composed by Claus Quidde

  9. Crime IV - Why Me

    Bleak composition for tragedy, the aftermath of a catastrophe or frozen environments. Cold, eerie, leaving very little hope.

    Composed by Claus Quidde

  10. The Way To You

    Like a ray of light through the darkness this track conveys a sense of hope and tenderness.

    Composed by Claus Quidde

  11. Closeness

    Sparse and airy, yet very emotional neo-classical piece.

    Composed by Claus Quidde

  12. An Evening With You

    Contemplative, fragile, serene. Piano and violin for serious scenes and footage of untouched nature.

    Composed by Claus Quidde

  13. Crime V - Site Of Crime

    Between avant-garde contemporary classical and post-apocalypic film score. Desolate, serious, beyond all hope.

    Composed by Claus Quidde

  14. Delicate Touch

    Shimmering electronic arpeggios meet minimalistic strings. The haunting sountrack to a quiet walk through a winter landscape.

    Composed by Sjoerd van der Sanden, Claus Quidde

  15. Early Departure

    Farewell in the morning light. Beautiful piano cascades and romantic violin that sound melancholy yet optimistic.

    Composed by Claus Quidde

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