Tracks (31)

  1. Flags Of Love

    A great stadium rock song with male vocals. Winners or losers, waving their flags of love. 

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic, Ged Hall

  2. Respect

    Energetic anthem rock song highlighting respect and fair play. A driving song that creates excitement. With guitar solo in the middle. Perfect for creating a positive mood at the stadium.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic, Ged Hall

  3. Free Kick

    Very powerful rock song. Minimal vocals, Deep guitars and a positive chorus to create a powerful atmosphere. 

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic, Bon Craft

  4. Soccer Rock

    Energetic rock song with with minimal chanting vocals that the whole stadium can sing along to. The perfect track for a jovial atmosphere. 

    Composed by Bon Craft, Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  5. Eleven Heroes

    Slow rock song with minimal male vocals. For those great emotional moments at the stadium. 

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic, Bon Craft, Ged Hall

  6. Monster Ball

    Classic rock song with celtic rock undertones, perfect for large audiences. With great guitar melodies. Blockbuster. 

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  7. Winner

    Faster positive britpop type song, creating a cheerful mood. Hopeful to the end.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  8. Lucky Game

    Small, cute soccer-themed rock song, enthusiastic. Catchy melody.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  9. Last Goal

    Simple funpop track with simple 'na na na" melody. The song is great for our younger soccer fans.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  10. Venga

    This fun electro dance track is reminiscent of the classic old 90s. Perfect for a work out.

    Composed by Tobias Zwiefler, Chris Fabich

  11. Alter Ego

    Straight, simple beat and lively synthies create a positive, exuberant mood. Perfect for fashion, nightlife, youth and partying.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  12. Slow Motion

    Opening dance track for football and other sports. This title gives hope with a catchy piano melody.

    Composed by Chris Fabich, Tobias Zwiefler

  13. Sports Arena

    Perfect for a soccer trailer. Hard guitars fast changing into a trance feeling. Lots of suspense.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  14. Corner Kick

    Hypnotic, driving track with deep bass for slow motion, or suspense sequences.

    Composed by Wilbert Patterer

  15. Stadium

    High energetic trance sound. Catchy melody inciting you to dance.

    Composed by Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  16. Run In

    The heroes enter the stadium. Tension builds before the game. We will rock you with this exciting track.

    Composed by Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  17. Gladiator

    Post apocalyptic guitar with bombastic drums. Perfect for trailers and powersports. Epic, heroic with minimal choir vocals. For the games of the future.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  18. Are You Ready

    Very fast exciting experiment full track for rapid game changes. Great for powersports. Kick it.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  19. Time Lapse

    Fast paced electro and and light industrial sounds. Raw power and energy. Fast and Furious.

    Composed by Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  20. Penalty

    Chasing the ball. Fast paced electro, drums and percussion with stadium sounds.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  21. Hat Trick

    Fast paced exciting soundscapes. The libero is dribbling the ball through his opponents.

    Composed by Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  22. Fullback

    Solid, rolling exciting, driving techno. Enhancing the mood for fast play.

    Composed by Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  23. The Runner

    Serious and determined; propulsive bass drum and synthesizers that work for sports programs but also the dancefloor.

    Composed by Sid Sonic, Leon Rodt, Ryan Gold

  24. Control Room

    Technical and futuristic. Fast paced, solid techno sounds.

    Composed by Leon Rodt, Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  25. Knocker

    A drive through the night, the glitter of the city. With electro and light industrial effects.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  26. City Chase

    Modern underscore for steady action and time ticking by. Solid suspense.

    Composed by Wilbert Patterer

  27. Multiverse

    Upbeat drums, bass guitar and oceans of synths. A solid, driving, exciting backdrop for power sports.

    Composed by Chris Gott

  28. Insomnia

    Power indie ballad. Strummed electric guitar, low bass, and shuffled drums. Increasing intensity as the guitar solo sets in.

    Composed by Werner Ponikowski

  29. Subway Walk

    Powerful, subtle and secretive. The tension is thrilling. Deep drone passes into futuristic beat.

    Composed by Jim Dust, Candis Grey

  30. Soccer Anthem

    A wonderful classic theme for the victor. Orchestra with choir. Grand performance, cinematic music.

    Composed by Chris Gott, Martin Machwitz

  31. Ethical Inversion

    Action-packed, epic track that evolves into a celebratory, triumphant anthem.

    Composed by Wilbert Patterer

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