Playlist image September 2-6, 2022: IFA 2022 - Consumer Electronics Unlimited in Berlin
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September 2-6, 2022: IFA 2022 - Consumer Electronics Unlimited in Berlin

After the canceled IFA last year, the next trade fair for consumer and home electronics will take place in Berlin from September 2nd to 6th, 2022. The latest inventions in communication technology, virtual realities, growing focal points such as intelligent household appliances and the show program in the IFA summer garden make the traditional event at the radio tower so popular. Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

Tracks (12)

  1. New Design UBM 2257

    Young, euphoric and dynamic. Suitable for product presentations in the start-up area.

  2. Neuroplasticity UBM 2442

    Crystalline, percussive synthesizer arpeggios with sparse electronic beats. Ideal for neurological topics, features about networks and big data and investigative research.


    Laid back funky house groove.

  4. Kick and Soul UBM 2459

    Casual and serene, this track radiates superior coolness. Bang on as an underscore for classy product presentations, as well as for lit skate vids.

  5. Life Without Tricks UBM 2360

    Friendly, flowing track for topics such as communication, design, product development, networking, fundraising, research and software.

  6. Nextgen Robot UBM 2145

    Sequence sounds and futuristic melody for science and technology content.

  7. Tick Tack UBM 2304

    Organic mid tempo, ideal for physics and science

  8. Tech Conference UBM 2394

    Fast arpeggios, the sound of analog synthesizers and experimental sound elements characterize this retro track. Hip, urban, confident.

  9. Vernissage UBM 2449

    A cool track that is ideal for exhibition openings and modern art. Chic, trendy, hip.

  10. Equal Rhythm UBM 2216

    Straightforward, steady and mechanic.

  11. Synthetic Evolution UBM 2154

    With interesting hacks and entertaining fun facts, dry topics are conveyed in a playful way. For educational programs for children and young people.