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50 years of Interrail

In 1972, the Interrail ticket revolutionized the way young people traveled across Europe. With the ticket you could travel through 21 countries at a flat rate. In March, the first set off to get to know cities and countries on the rails. The principle still exists today, albeit in a different form. Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

Tracks (17)

  1. Fast Travel UBM 2115

    Hastily, a train travels through the soft hills of Tuskany.

  2. Baile Furioso UBM 2417

    This "fiery dance" alternates between Mediterranean folklore and rousing film music. Passionate clarinet meets acoustic guitar, castanets and strings.

  3. Prepared Mess UBM 2447

    Syncopated piece for partially prepared piano over a steady rhythmic motif which slightly ironically suggests the restlessness of a bumpy journey.

  4. Auric Haversham UBM 2261

    Clarified, bold, dynamic. The ideal sound for so-called heist movies.

  5. Unterwegs UBM 2320

    Marching rhythm based on piano and tenor horn with brushed jazz drums and a happy whistled melody. An easy-going mood for images of leisure, wanderlust, afterwork fun and excursions through the countryside.

  6. Run Away And Hide UBM 2372

    The right soundtrack for departure, rebellion and change. Not too aggressive, yet rocking and stirring.

  7. Jazzilla UBM 2444

    A relaxed jazz pop number with a characteristic, quite stately pentatonic saxophone theme, in this respect mildly reminiscent of Asian music. Middle part featuring an upbeat, jazzy guitar solo; in the verses more restrained, over a major seven chord progression that invites to dream.

  8. Sol De Lisboa UBM 2374

    Brass, flamenco guitar and percussion provide lively dance music with Latin American flair. Street festivals, street food and joie de vivre come to mind.

  9. On My Way Home UBM 2397

    Warm track with acoustic guitar and piano that sounds like a road trip in spring. Gentle, relaxed and happy.

  10. Champ De Ble UBM 2353

    Perfect accompaniment to a buggy ride along the moors or open countryside.

  11. Emotional Souvenir UBM 2448

    Revel in beautiful memories, which creates feelings of relaxation and gratitude. For review and travelogue.

  12. Corn Rigs UBM 2446

    Idea for a late summer vacation day: A trip on foot, between meadows and fields. Picnic by the wayside on a tartan-patterned blanket. Upon return, retreat inside the friendly inn, letting the day's experiences pass in revue.

  13. Amor Español UBM 2412

    Raise the curtain for the captivating attitude towards life in Spain. The rhythmic flamenco guitars and the fiery accordion sound like passion, temperament and sociability.

  14. Tradicion UBM 2311

    Spain, Spanish, folk, world music, authentic, passion, wistful, acoustic guitar, travel, voyage. 

  15. Psychedelic Bass UBM 2280

    Playful, funky feel-good track for positive, funny content. Comedy, children's programs or heist movies.

  16. Stories Of Delphi UBM 2188

    A feeling of summer vacation in Greece is spreading. Good food, wine and hospitality.