Playlist image 18.11.: Nationwide day of reading aloud
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18.11.: Nationwide day of reading aloud

Every year since 2004, the nationwide reading day on the third Friday in November aims to get children and adults excited about the importance of reading aloud. On November 18, 2022, the Reading Day will take place for the 19th time. This year's motto is "Unique together". Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Lovely Life UBM 2436

    Sunday morning: the family gathers around the lovingly laid breakfast table. This cheerful composition offers the right soundtrack to images of harmony and conviviality.

  2. Magical UBM 2332

    Warm and tender, yet energetic. Strummed guitar and accentuated strings characterize this flowing, merry track. Rich instrumentation and vocal bits for added depth.

  3. End of summer TWPM 045

    Laid-back acoustic mood with guitars, percussion and chamber strings featuring catchy piano theme.

  4. Motown Chicken UBM 2337

    Positive, cheerful, happy. For commercials and family entertainment.

  5. Inner Guidance UBM 2466

    Fun pizzicato strings and a playful electronic beat sound like balance and a positive attitude to life.

  6. Carefree Children UBM 2365

    Easygoing piano melody meets acoustic guitar and strings, creating a relaxed, airy and carefree atmosphere. Suitable for romantic comedies and family pictures in nature.

  7. Esperanza UBM 2447

    A percussive, seemingly endlessly repeating high-register piano motif unfolds over a carpet of a repeating, harmonically sparse major key piano arpeggio. Processed with backward effects, the motif later takes on an almost flute-like impression.

  8. Happy People Walk UBM 2459

    Light-hearted, cheerful and slightly drowsy, this track offers the right vibes for relaxation and concentration.

  9. Easier together TWPM 042

    Sunny positive tune with up-tempo hand clap groove and funny little melody played on marimba like instrument featuring driving ukulele and organ.

  10. Time Goes By UBM 2318

    Sweet, whimsical, warm track for the whole family. Increasing intensity. Great for commercials, daytime TV and children's programs.

  11. Baby Please TWPM 024

    Sentimental piano theme over retro West-coast beat with sax and vocal hooks.

  12. Community Center UBM 2467

    Common activities in the neighborhood, togetherness or encounters in the community center are an important part of everyday life for many people. Upbeat track with guitar and drums for motivational content.

  13. Sweet Wake Up UBM 2469

    A mere moment ago you were experiencing heroic adventures far away, but a blink later you realise that it was all just a dream. Barely awake, you open the window in the floor and fly off towards home.

  14. Artemesia ARTFCD117

    Dreamy chill hop with jazzy chords and flute riff