Playlist image February 12, 2023: Elections in Berlin
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February 12, 2023: Elections in Berlin

After an extremely large number of things went wrong in the 2021 election for the Berlin House of Representatives and the district councils, the election in the German capital is now being repeated. Here is the tracklist with our favorites for political contributions.

Tracks (22)

  1. Sub Traction UBM 2470

    A night-time mission on the outskirts of the city: hot goods change hands in the darkness of the broken street lighting. Gloomy, for criminal activity in the shadows.

  2. Conversation UBM 2351

    Fast strings and bright marimba for pictures of busyness, election campaigns and urgent life in the big cities.

  3. Next Level UBM 2466

    Take your productivity to the next level! Image films and multimedia brochures from the fields of technology, IT and services are transformed into a professional presentation with this lively track carried by electric guitar, keyboard and drums.

  4. Clear Paths UBM 2432

    Warm, pulsating electronic percussion with subdued guitar accents. Modern, driving forward; perfect for magazines about social issues and urban society.

  5. Social Change UBM 2382

    Dramatic strings, marimba and piano create a threatening mood that suggests social resentment, delicate affairs or an economic collapse.

  6. Newsfake UBM 2401

    Dynamic, ticking, moving. Reminscent of data streams and stock ticker.

  7. Interior designed TWPM 004

    Minimal deep house groove with a hypnotic bassline and atmospheric synths.

  8. Volatile Market Dynamics UBM 2442

    Cascading synth bass arpeggios and a striking brass theme. Suited for financial and econonomical topics as well as socio-politcal features.

  9. Finanzkrise UBM 2218

    Dramatic, urban, urgent - for business reports and politics.

  10. Fake News UBM 2346

    Busy string theme for breaking news and develoing stories. Urgent, serious, on point.

  11. Searchlight ARTFCD25

    Choppy synth and percussion

  12. World Trade UBM 2475

    Hesitant, with a restrained electronic beat and accentuating strings. For reporting on social issues from around the world.

  13. But Still Is The Moon UBM 2430

    The mysterious beginning with piano and bells develops into sophisticated electronica. Suitable for productions on social issues, recent history and changing living spaces.

  14. Dynamic 23 UBM 2407

    Political entanglements come to light in the election campaign. A dramatic track that describes tension, competition and machinations.

  15. Sustainable Aviation UBM 2474

    Modern travel by rail, road and air not only takes comfort and speed into account, but above all sustainability. This slightly dubby electronic track is inspired by traffic hubs in the Rhineland, but suits all contributions about mobility and urban development.


    This track is fast, direct and serious. It fits important news and breaking news about politics or climate change.

  17. Ironic Times UBM 2385

    Ironically, critically and questioningly, this track is suitable for the very popular political podcasts or satire in general.

  18. White House UBM 2237

    Piano and subtle clicking, strings and drums combine. Urgent, hectic, under pressure.

  19. Glass House UBM 2323

    Effective and sophisticated theme with marimba and piano. Great as an introduction to modern TV and streaming productions on economic, political and social topics.

  20. Groovalicious ARTFCD24

    Upfront and cool with funky drums