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Best of Artful Production Music

Artful Production Music is a Production Music Library like UBM Records. They cooperate with each other so you can find the whole catalogue of Artful in the UBM library. It is high class produced music and worth listening. There is a lot of music to discover especially for crime-content or nature documentaries!

Tracks (25)

  1. Star Glow ARTFCD92

    Warm and wafty dreamscape

  2. Entanglement ARTFCD101

    A dark and covert liason between fretless bass and alto flute

  3. Desert Storm ARTFCD16

    Sombre strings and middle eastern percussion

  4. Alexanderplatz ARTFCD117

    Filtered electric piano with percussion loops and vaporwave beats

  5. Hustle ARTFCD27

    Cool sax, piano and edgy drums

  6. Casino ARTFCD114

    Mellow electric piano gives a warm and Summery sound

  7. Skittish Waltz ARTFCD100

    Quickly shifting and singleminded dance


    Laid back funky house groove.


    Gentle pads and rhythmic percussion

  10. Easy Jammer ARTFCD39

    Funky piano led acid jazz

  11. Sunny Side ARTFCD37

    Feelgood catchy melody

  12. Summer Spirals ARTFCD31

    Feelgood phasing electric guitar

  13. Say Goodbye ARTFCD34

    Moody power ballad

  14. Magic Carpet ARTFCD13

    Middle eastern strings and percussion