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Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence (AI) describes - in very simple terms - the attempt to transfer human thinking and learning to computers and thus to give them intelligence. Photo by Frank V. on

Tracks (16)

  1. Data Highway UBM 2394

    Warm synthesizers, flutes and flowing arpeggios determine this retro track for sophisticated TV, documentaries and podcasts.

  2. Your AI UBM 2360

    Slightly threatening track that illustrates the unknown future. For documentaries and features on the darker sides of technology.

  3. Robot Talk UBM 2352

    Futuristic, percussive sound experiment. Quirky, creative, artistic.

  4. Crystal Palace UBM 2289

    Subtle simple and filigree. A beautiful organic background for various situations. Light or serious.

  5. Cozy Times UBM 2310

    Neutral mood with groovy electronic beats and repetitive melodic echoes. Warm, synthetic, unobtrusive.

  6. Peace Plan UBM 2382

    Quiet, neutral, technical. Perfect for topics like data protection, transparent citizens and data security.

  7. How To Build A Botnet UBM 2346

    Synthesizer delays and nervous pads create an atmosphere of tension and approaching danger.

  8. Data Recovery UBM 2307

    Glistening, abstract, neutral. Repetitive electronic sounds with a lot of reverb.

  9. Pulsating Memories A UBM 2241

    The evidence is increasing, the investigative work is in full swing. Technical piano piece for crime novels and true crime podcasts.

  10. Wrong UBM 2381

    Exciting underscore track that is suitable for features on IT, data processing or robot technology.

  11. Mind Screw UBM 2278

    Electronic track that works for both news and criminal investigations.

  12. Simplify UBM 2257

    Simple and repetitive, this electronic track suits simple processes and uncomplicated procedures without sounding monotonous or dull.

  13. Out Of Time UBM 2267

    Synthetic, modern soundtrack, ticking, floating, accompanying.

  14. Finally Starts UBM 2259

    This electronic track sounds harsh, metallic and futuristic. Suitable for content via artificial intelligence or sci-fi films.

  15. Robot Humanity UBM 2232

    Hopeful, reflective track suitable for online consumer protection reports.