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Asparagus Time

In Germany, the harvest season for the pale yellow stem vegetables is known as the asparagus season. From mid-April to St. John's Day in June, the white gold is sold by the kilo on the country's markets. The UBM team recommends: Green asparagus and black salsify may be the less popular cousins of white asparagus, but they are crunchier, don't tend to be woody and are indispensable in our kitchen. Photo: Alisa Golovinska/ Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Organic Production UBM 2474

    More and more people rely on regional products and sustainable agriculture in the supermarket or at the weekly market. This unobtrusively playful track underscores consumer advice and local travel tips - near and far!

  2. Modern Farmer TWPM 061

    Pulsating, bright, and optimistic acoustic ambient track with guitar arpeggios and a driving groove. Perfect for friend and family themes.

  3. The Host UBM 2386

    Lively opening melody for entertainment shows, such as cooking duels. The moderators present the guests and the challenge.

  4. Cooking With The Stars UBM 2467

    No morning magazine without a cooking section! This happy acoustic track underlines the joy of baking, cooking and enjoying.

  5. Wait And See UBM 2432

    Friendly, calm, human. Great for contributions to healthy eating, sustainable products and social commitment.

  6. Blooming Landscape UBM 2436

    Delicate acoustic ballad. The right accompaniment for topics such as regional, rural life, closeness to nature and a life in harmony with the environment.

  7. Silly Putty UBM 2448

    The fresh ingredients are ready to be turned into a delicious meal. Ideal for cooking shows and food content.

  8. Digi Rodeo UBM 2485

    Today is barn festival on the digital farm. Pixelated farm animals and farmer avatars come to the dance, while a futuristic, over-excited version of country sounds from the tiny PC speakers.

  9. Planting New Seeds UBM 2484

    Even the smallest balcony offers space for growing herbs, vegetables or flowers. In the big city, too, there is a trend towards self-cultivation. Relaxed track for daytime TV or gardening tutorials.

  10. Morning Sun UBM 2419

    Authentic sound for childhood memories of holidays or growing up in the village.

  11. E-Bike Tour UBM 2490

    The e-bike is the best choice for effortless movement along the shore. Sustainable holidays meet light aerobic training here. This swinging acoustic pop track gets you in the mood for summer, exercise and excursions with the whole family.

  12. Chic Antiques UBM 2458

    Relaxed guitar, warm strings and funny whistling characterize this track. Holiday mood, a Sunday on the balcony or a stroll through the weekly market are all perfectly underscored.

  13. Homespun UBM 2159

    positive, lighthearted, charming; country flair

  14. Country Life UBM 2284

    Suitable for idyllic posts about life in the country, agriculture and farm animals.

  15. The Good Old Nature UBM 2385

    Idyllic, calm, free. Suitable for topics such as slowing down, educational tips and family harmony.