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Most people associate Australia with beautiful landscapes, unique wildlife and the fascinating culture of the Aborigines. Unfortunately, the continent is in the news at the moment mainly because of devastating floods on the East coast.

Tracks (17)

  1. Subliminal Danger 1 UBM 2117

    Didgeridoo and drones. Dangerous situation, wildlife, jungle.

  2. Sore Earth UBM 2426

    Moving folky track with driving piano arpeggios and acoustic guitars. Emotional, motivating, urgent.

  3. Earth Fire UBM 2133

    enchanted, horror, leading to action

  4. Australian Rules ARTFCD13

    Striving positive didgeridoo

  5. Gift UBM 2351

    Dramatic events take their course. Serious, momentous, foreboding.

  6. Global Crisis UBM 2361

    Global tensions are rising and time is running out. Pulsating bass, ticking clocks, dramatic violin staccato and apocalyptic horns builds to a grandiose crescendo.

  7. The Hills UBM 2328

    Both percussive and smooth, this track works well with images of nature and travel.

  8. Horizon UBM 2356

    Flowing, vast, contemplative, expansive scenes fit perfectly with this composition.

  9. Sad Alligator UBM 2276

    Heavy drums, bass, and a lazy slide guitar create a track suitable for images of sluggish and dozy wild animals.

  10. Didge Drone ARTFCD12

    Throbbing didgeridoo

  11. Surface UBM 2370

    The open ranges, or the arizona desert comes to mind with its spacious western, country blues feel.

  12. Southbound UBM 2338

    Mellow acoustic blues duet. For images of outdoor activities, road trips and an evening by the campfire.

  13. Verpeilt UBM 2194

    Tiptoing around in slightly confused manner. Medium tempo. Double reed, double-bass and percussion.

  14. Facing The Truth UBM 2330

    Post-apocalyptic mood. Dreamy soundtrack with electric guitar and a steadily rising orchestra.

  15. Playful Swarms UBM 2163

    powerful, acrobatic, not too serious

  16. Telepathy UBM 2345

    Dark pounding with minimal sequence.