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Wether political scandals or the current measures to combat the Covid pandemic: the alpine state is currently an indispensable part of the news. Photo: Thomas Def on Unsplash

Tracks (14)

  1. Wien bleibt Wien UBM 2155

    Popular folklore song with piano and chamber strings.

  2. Bavarian Gaudi UBM 2412

    Whether Oktoberfest, après-ski or Scheuengaudi: this exuberant folk tune creates a good atmosphere!

  3. Forest Walk UBM 2399

    A foggy morning in the Alps: nature comes to life in the first light of the day. Harmonious, authentic, majestic.

  4. Unterwegs UBM 2320

    Marching rhythm based on piano and tenor horn with brushed jazz drums and a happy whistled melody. An easy-going mood for images of leisure, wanderlust, afterwork fun and excursions through the countryside.

  5. German Dizzy Dance UBM 2264

    A day on the alpine pastures. Cowbells, accordion and wind instruments.

  6. Lying In The Sun UBM 2417

    Dreamy instrumental with harp, piano and clarinet. Great for family programs and pictures of untouched nature. Fluid, careful arrangement.

  7. Das Lieben bringt groß Freud UBM 2107

    "Love brings a lot of joy". German folk music / schlager instrumental.

  8. Victoria UBM 2342

    Light waltz, featuring a slightly melancholic violin melody with warm piano accompaniment. Evokes historical images of Vienna coffee house culture and salon music.

  9. Elephant Waltz UBM 2336

    Short playful waltz. Slightly nostalgic, sweet and romantic.

  10. Over The Treetops UBM 2178

    Heartwarming mood thanks to the pastoral piano and horns. For features about the Alps.

  11. 333 Erster Satz UBM 2293

    Simple, classical harp arrangements of mozart compositions, for all occaisions. Or classical scenes.

  12. Behind Closed Doors UBM 2404

    Suspenseful music for contemporary series, dramatic election campaigns and historical thrillers.

  13. Castle In The Woods UBM 2355

    Instrumental German Schlager pop tune for images of nature, castles and the beautiful Alps.