Playlist image September 1, 2021: Meteorological beginning of autumn

September 1, 2021: Meteorological beginning of autumn

With the meteorological beginning of autumn on September 1st, 2021, it will be increasingly colorful in nature. This third season is all about the harvest, brings the golden autumn leaves and is thematically linked to numerous celebrations such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Photo: Timothy Eberly (

Tracks (15)

  1. Autumn In Town UBM 2354

    Friendly pop/folk track with acoustic guitar, piano, and a catchy melody. Great for contributions and documentations in the afternoon program or for rest and relaxation.

  2. Autumn Was Yesterday UBM 2284

    Romantic guitar-melody that is suitable for images of the countryside or the change of seasons.

  3. Darkness In Blue UBM 2263

    A walk through a colourful deciduous forest. Calm, harmonic guitar melody that immediately evokes autumn associations.

  4. Fineness UBM 2341

    Steady piano and sweet pizzicato strings. Playful, lively, laid-back.

  5. Moonlight Shining On The Pier UBM 2327

    Slightly melancholy yet hopeful acoustic guitar theme with longin violin melody.

  6. Scent Of Grass UBM 2318

    Between instrumental pop song and modern soundtrack. Natural sound, slightly funky and transmitting a very relaxed state of mind.

  7. Endangered Species UBM 2419

    Thoughtful, slightly dramatic folk track with strings and western guitar. For images of rugged nature, but also environmental activism and threatened species.

  8. October Mood UBM 2338

    Peaceful guitar duet. Slow, smooth, laid-back.

  9. End Of Summer UBM 2268

    Melanochlical vibraphone melody with slow strings creates an autumn mood.

  10. Dreaming My Life UBM 2368

    Stylish, slightly melancholic jazz with trumpet, piano and acoustic guitar. Catchy main melody. Thoughtful, sophisticated, elegant.

  11. Memories UBM 2364

    Thoughtful, contemplative start that builds slowly in positivity.

  12. The Messenger UBM 2390

    The messenger rushes through the autumn forest. A short repetitive piano melody builds up more and more tension and emotional involvement.

  13. Feather Dance UBM 2362

    Dreamy, naturalistic piano. Single tones like raindrops or sunbeams on the surface of a lake. Relaxing, minimalist.

  14. Solace ARTFCD03

    Wistful atmospheric strings

  15. Drops UBM 2356

    Easy flowing, light mannered, positive and open.