Playlist image September 22, 2021: Beginning Of Autumn

September 22, 2021: Beginning Of Autumn

Autumn begins on September 22nd. In the temperate zones, it is the time of harvest and falling leaves. Photo: Tina Kuper (

Tracks (22)

  1. Cold Sunday UBM 2417

    This waltz for accordion and clarinet, inspired by French cinema, sounds thoughtful and tender. It is the perfect background for nostalgic film scenes and sophisticated portraits.

  2. Natural Delight UBM 2405

    Wonderful piano composition full of harmony and calm. Ideal for nature scenes and romantic films about the Victorian era.

  3. Papillon UBM 2353

    Slightly melancholic, yet light piano piece.

  4. Sometimes UBM 2342

    Like a movie itself, this thoughtful mid-tempo piece for piano and strings takes the listener on a voyage through time, memory and emotional ups and downs.

  5. Moonlight Shining On The Pier UBM 2327

    Slightly melancholy yet hopeful acoustic guitar theme with longin violin melody.

  6. Cine Cello UBM 2380

    Piano and cello create a warm and secure atmosphere. Perfect for programs about forests and nature in general as well as sentimental reviews.

  7. Grandpa UBM 2332

    Grandpa tells the bedtime story. Beautiful guitar. Reminiscent of old times.

  8. Memories UBM 2364

    Thoughtful, contemplative start that builds slowly in positivity.

  9. Autumn In Town UBM 2354

    Friendly pop/folk track with acoustic guitar, piano, and a catchy melody. Great for contributions and documentations in the afternoon program or for rest and relaxation.

  10. Sentimental UBM 2190

    Thoughtful & moving. Piano and sparse electronics.

  11. Dreaming My Life UBM 2368

    Stylish, slightly melancholic jazz with trumpet, piano and acoustic guitar. Catchy main melody. Thoughtful, sophisticated, elegant.

  12. String Cloud UBM 2275

    Slowly; peaceful; thoughtful. Sensitive piano piece with longing cello. Ideal for farewell or romantic scenes.

  13. October Mood UBM 2338

    Peaceful guitar duet. Slow, smooth, laid-back.

  14. Summer's Night UBM 2369

    This quiet accordion melody evokes images of a warm summer evening in the countryside. Bullerby idyll.

  15. Allegro UBM 2101

    quite slow, very lost and without pride, landscape in the distance

  16. A Simple Life UBM 2397

    Slow guitar piece that goes well with farewells and emotional scenes without being intrusive.

  17. Reflections UBM 2356

    Thoughtful, reflective moods flow with this track.

  18. Mountain Trail UBM 2246

    Acoustic guitars and warm sounding drums for images of nature, authentic country life and carefree travelling.

  19. Fineness UBM 2341

    Steady piano and sweet pizzicato strings. Playful, lively, laid-back.

  20. Happy Thanksgiving UBM 2419

    Happy folk with a warm atmosphere. For exuberant village festivals and gatherings.

  21. Autumn Air ARTFCD38

    Expectant chimes with strings