Playlist image September 25: Berlin Marathon 2022
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September 25: Berlin Marathon 2022

On September 25th, the Berlin Marathon 2022 will take place in the capital. The organizers expect over 45,000 runners from around 150 nations and hundreds of thousands of spectators along the route. Photo by Flo Karr on Unsplash

Tracks (16)

  1. Emotions UBM 2287

    Light trance background with an uplifting melody.

  2. House To House UBM 2234

    Airy house track with a classy vibe.

  3. Skate Legends UBM 2457

    Powerful instrumental skatepunk for sport and action. Not too aggressive.

  4. Parcours UBM 2449

    The sun slowly sinks over the city, which serves as a course for free running for some brave athletes. For Youtube videos or features about urban structures.

  5. Freerunning Crew UBM 2411

    For youth-oriented content such as sport, lifestyle, fashion and pop culture.

  6. Climb high NYH001

    With its cheerful tune this track fits for fun action and sports.

  7. Bike Lane UBM 2434

    Cycling in urban commuter traffic: every millimeter of road surface has to be fought for – with cars, trucks and courier drivers on two wheels.

  8. Upspeed Drive UBM 2210

    High-energy track with a steady beat, guitars and drum accents.

  9. New York's Finest UBM 2423

    Old school hip hop with strings and vocals. Urban, relaxed, cool.

  10. Run Away And Hide UBM 2372

    The right soundtrack for departure, rebellion and change. Not too aggressive, yet rocking and stirring.

  11. Poolside UBM 2420

    Fast-paced and energetic. For videos of summer parties but also fitness and endurance sports.

  12. Activity Level UBM 2454

    Badminton, cycling, Nordic walking and more: many sports can be practised by active seniors and make a contribution to their general well-being.

  13. Shortcut UBM 2402

    Straightforward electronic track that exudes self-confidence and fashion awareness. Flat synthesizers meet a driving breakbeat in a medium tempo.

  14. Last Train Out UBM 2334

    Accentuated yet warm synth pop track in uplifting mood. Human, vibrant, urban.

  15. Inception UBM 2430

    Study for piano and synthesizer influenced by minimal music. After about 1 minute it becomes electronica with a driving 4/4 bass drum.