Playlist image Exhibition: "Berlin Subway – yesterday and tomorrow"
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Exhibition: "Berlin Subway – yesterday and tomorrow"

Trainspotters take note! From June likely until mid-August 2022, visitors to the German Museum of Technology will have the opportunity to experience three generations of Berlin subway trains with all their senses, side by side up close. Among them: A 1:1 mock-up of the future underground train generation J, a double railcar of the generation F79 from 1980, some of which are currently still in service, as well as the oldest preserved subway train car in Germany of the A1 series from 1908.

Tracks (15)

  1. Re-Invent Your Life UBM 2444

    Thick traffic pushes itself through canyons of tall buildings and a rigid grid of streets, arduously. Cabs honk, greedy for new passengers.

  2. Follow The Tracks UBM 2445

    Magical, delicate sounds meet the distant sounds of a steam locomotive. Confused and like in a dream.

  3. Nervous Game UBM 2422

    Restlessly in motion; brings to mind images of both outer space and the mysterious deep sea.

  4. Somewhere Left Behind HT0072

    Someone is moving calmly to a new destination. The track builds over time with a clean guitar and drum beat.

  5. Confined To The B-Flat ARTFCD116

    Jaunty and rhythmic jazz outing with feeling

  6. Doors UBM 2277

    Minimal and futuristic sound with synthesizer and piano create a feeling of strangeness and distant worlds.

  7. Noisy Pulse UBM 2207

    Modern, mysterious and distant sound reminiscent of an underwater sonar.

  8. Aerial Railway ARTFCD62

    Thrumming pads and tinkling effects

  9. Cold Lights UBM 2298

    Slightly monotonous, with light electronic sounds, perfect for deep sea or jungle scenes.

  10. Dancing In Squares UBM 2263

    Dynamic, warm, positive track with an electronic guitar. Influenced by country music it fits topics like travelling, family and good memories.

  11. Night Train ARTFCD34

    Gloomy atmospheric rythms

  12. Liquid Waste UBM 2222

    Eerie, septic, virulent. Mysterious sounds that imply quiet danger.

  13. Metallic Train UBM 2216

    Dangerous and futuristic. Suggesting speed and high energy.