Playlist image August 13, 2021: 60th anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall

August 13, 2021: 60th anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall

During the division of Germany, the Berlin Wall was a border fortification system of the German Democratic Republic that existed for more than 28 years, from August 13, 1961 to November 9, 1989, and was intended to hermetically seal off the GDR from West Berlin. The Berlin Wall was opened on the evening of November 9, 1989 as part of the political change. This happened under the growing pressure of the GDR population demanding more freedom. The fall of the Berlin Wall paved the way for the collapse of the SED dictatorship, the dissolution of the GDR and, at the same time, the unification of Germany. Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Cold Sunday UBM 2417

    This waltz for accordion and clarinet, inspired by French cinema, sounds thoughtful and tender. It is the perfect background for nostalgic film scenes and sophisticated portraits.

  2. Permanent Parting UBM 2405

    Melancholy, thoughtful, depressed. The pain of parting and sadness can be suitably accompanied by this piece.

  3. Demons UBM 2294

    Delicate, cautious jazz blues track with an air of mystique and subtle danger.

  4. Living Hope UBM 2410

    Thoughtful mood with a hopeful piano melody. For sophisticated documentaries, biographical features or reports.

  5. Obituary UBM 2363

    Slow, deep and thoughtful, contemplating the story.

  6. On The Edge UBM 2408

    Mysterious track for true crime podcasts or thrillers with an investigative focus.

  7. Floating Strings UBM 2407

    Thoughtful, critical, factual. Reduced track with marimba and electric guitar for differentiated programs.

  8. A Simple Life UBM 2397

    Slow guitar piece that goes well with farewells and emotional scenes without being intrusive.

  9. Good Bye UBM 2356

    Slightly sad, yet happiness is also portrayed with this piece.

  10. Beauty Falls HT0016

    Airy instrumental reminiscent of Brian Eno, Air or Moby.

  11. Moments UBM 2318

    Melancholic guitar with floating sequence and piano.

  12. Turning Point UBM 2402

    For modern reports and podcats on social topics. Moods between neutral and subtly pressing.

  13. Far From Home UBM 2390

    Thoughtful theme for piano and strings. Quiet, level-headed, peaceful.

  14. Peace UBM 2351

    Introspect, heartfelt melody with melancholic undertones. For serious scenes and difficult desicions.

  15. Why UBM 2346

    Melancholy piano chords over gloomy synth pads. Moody, downcast, serious. For sophisticated TV and radio documentaries.