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Best Ager

In marketing and related commercial areas, the target group of people over the age of designated 50 years. The most important characteristic of Best Agers, and one that is most interesting for marketing researchers, is their relatively high disposable income on average. Best agers are considered to be affluent, keen to spend and quality-conscious. Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. High Quality Of Life UBM 2454

    Sunset years? Au contraire! A warm and cosy, sunny late afternoon wants to be enjoyed. Active and uplifting yet relaxed.

  2. Lovely Life UBM 2436

    Sunday morning: the family gathers around the lovingly laid breakfast table. This cheerful composition offers the right soundtrack to images of harmony and conviviality.

  3. In Those Days UBM 2332

    Acoustic guitar, soft drums and a banjo create an atmosphere of happy nostalgia and dwelling in good memories.

  4. Silly Putty UBM 2448

    The fresh ingredients are ready to be turned into a delicious meal. Ideal for cooking shows and food content.

  5. Take A Ride With Me UBM 2397

    Whether paragliding in the Allgäu or windsurfing on the Baltic Sea: This track is suitable as a jingle for relaxed leisure activities. Positive, cheerful and relaxed.

  6. A Place To Be UBM 2284

    Pleasant guitar track with a homely feeling, suitable for depictions of families, children or friendships.

  7. Ordinary Life UBM 2354

    Warm folk-pop ballad for scenes that radiate humanity and joie de vivre. Lively, motivating, bringing joy.

  8. IT Brand UBM 2360

    Perfect for info videos, commercials and viral campaigns for apps, software products or social networks. Positive, humane, optimistic.

  9. Fulfilled Life UBM 2220

    Piano theme with positive undertone. Strings start at 1:06.

  10. Jazz Bossa UBM 2369

    Jazzy bossa nova melody reminiscent of the early James Bond, elegance and stylish cocktail evenings of a bygone era.

  11. Boletus UBM 2303

    The abstract artist builds colour upon colour to create his work. A light tension and a feeling of expectancy is conveyed by this composition.

  12. Streets Of Las Vegas UBM 2357

    The city comes to life ... at sunset you meet for drinks and gambling in the casino.

  13. Lucky Whistler UBM 2129

    Short cut opener/trailer for television, commercials & cinema

  14. A Dream Soars NT001

    Dark, threatening, ominous. Ideally suited for films about mafia machinations, drug cartels and corruption.

  15. Cool Gadgets UBM 2396

    Short, electronic jingle that sounds cool and clear. For IT solutions or outdoor brands.