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Best of "Slam Music Library"

Slam Music Library combines classic African instruments with contemporary sounds. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Slam is predestined to build a bridge between the traditional and the modern. Photo: Eva Blue (

Tracks (13)

  1. Dance with me EA001

    Good vibes with reggae-elements.

  2. Latin American Game SAF001

    Fun, invigorating track that has Latin American elements. Suitable for dance classes, travel magazines and relaxed outdoor sports.

  3. African sunshine SLAM003

    Relaxed, jazzy, warm. Sunday brunch in the café or a relaxing day in the garden.


    Funky soul track in the style of the 1970s that exudes a good mood. Summer, sun, party.

  5. Country Side SLAM002

    Idyllic sunset after a day in the fresh air. Cozy, warm and familiar.

  6. Kala SLAM001

    Majestic, enchanting, positive. This track is perfect for posts about the flora and fauna of Africa.

  7. Bagga RG001

    Relaxed reggae track that makes Caribbean vacation dreams come true. Summer, sun, palm trees and the beach.

  8. Bring your love NYH001

    Energetic and driving beats. Good for scenes with light action and challenges of all kind.

  9. A Dream Soars NT001

    Dark, threatening, ominous. Ideally suited for films about mafia machinations, drug cartels and corruption.

  10. Save Africa MS001

    Heavy, longing, ceremonial. For wedding scenes and love dramas.

  11. Baba MM001

    The Mbira and its typical sounds. Let wonderful sounds roam your thoughts.

  12. All The Action FE001

    Action-packed soundtrack with African elements.