Playlist image Bird of the year

Bird of the year

Did you know? Bird of the year 2020 is the turtledove.

Tracks (19)

  1. Little Things and Joy UBM 2308

    Lively and playful mid-tempo track. For animated films and magical sceneries. Subtly nostalgic.

  2. Feather Dance UBM 2362

    Dreamy, naturalistic piano. Single tones like raindrops or sunbeams on the surface of a lake. Relaxing, minimalist.

  3. Piano Pizz UBM 2270

    Gentle piano melody with strings. Positive and motivating.

  4. Blooming Meadow UBM 2317

    The soundtrack to beautiful, untouched landscapes and natural wonders. Curious and spirited, with sophisticated orchestral instrumentation.

  5. Rollin' Egg Rag UBM 2327

    Lively ragtime acoustic guitar. Starts with only acoustic guitar, later joined by electric guitar. Vivid, happy, easy-going. Short Version: acoustic guitar only.

  6. Countryside UBM 2333

    Pensive, deep in thought. Tender piano piece for images of quiet landscapes and solitude.

  7. Escargot UBM 2353

    Carefree, slightly rolling along.

  8. Above the Clouds UBM 2354

    Folk-pop song at medium tempo. Relaxed, laid-back, close to nature.

  9. The Sun Is Up UBM 2359

    Carefree picking acoustic guitars, flowing, happy, relaxed.

  10. Birds UBM 2171

    sparse, beautiful, free

  11. Coast UBM 2367

    Beautiful solo piano, thoughtfully composed with a nostalgic touch. Great for history and culture programs.

  12. Night owl UBM 2148

    The nightbird spreads its wings

  13. Passage Of Birds UBM 2239

    Delicate piece of raw beauty. Works for nature documentaries but also for sophisticated art and culture programs or biographical features.

  14. Fall Colors ACL223

    Driving rhythm, friendly, folk, campfire, outdoors /Avett Bros. Nickel Creek Gillian Welch.

  15. Darkness In Blue UBM 2263

    A walk through a colorful deciduous forest. Calm, harmonic guitar melody that immediately evokes autumn associations.